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12/17/2011 c10 1CrazyCinderellaGirl
That was such a cute story! I loved it! Brad and Mal 3

Keep writing :)

~Krita! :)
7/12/2007 c10 ruby
oh my i liked your story it was simple enough and it didnt have that fake complexity. if you understand what i mean. though that probably makes no sense to you, just know that i enjoyed your story and it made me smile like a little kid again. good job
3/20/2007 c10 7CallMeCute
aw yay!
2/18/2007 c10 emerald
Aww, you should be careful about mixing up names, but other than that awesome, absolutely amazing. I enjoyed reading it and never wanted it to stop, even with the aching drama at some places. Good character developement. And good progression of the plot with them falling in love in such a short time but still making it realistic. Good chemistry formation too, it feels like they are just meant to be and they fit like 'puzzle'. Overall it was fun.
4/16/2006 c10 6imjustme.just me
totally sweet storyy! hahhaha brad soudns lyk a relly relly rellygreat guy lol. yea not many guys wud b able to say no to a willing hot gurl eh. continue wriitng ((:
4/8/2006 c10 10Firespirit44
Gosh, really sweet story. Am adding this to my favourites list. xD
2/24/2006 c10 cursed-x-oblivion
i love the story. it was short but still eventful. go jue!
6/7/2005 c10 xbiancax
I liked the ending. It is touching!
3/13/2005 c10 gatepost
aw, *sniffle*, that's so sweet, and written so well. and finished! I love it! *sniffle*. its . .. .its not cliched . . not random . . new views and stuff and . . i think this is now officially right up there with my favourites. write another one like it! But different, but just as good. so sweet . . .*sniffle*
6/6/2004 c10 1Sober-and-Humorless
Oh that is so cute. Loved it. Great job and keep on writing.
2/13/2004 c10 ItalianQT
Aww! That was a sweet ending! I'm glad they got together! Great story! : )
8/22/2003 c10 2Yogen
YES YOU FINALLY FINISHED IT! Awesome, awesome, loved the ending. I hope you give us an epilogue of some sort! Great job!
8/21/2003 c10 Your bestest pal Nat
lol, like the name? lol. anyways, i know i reviewed (kinda) in the email... but i only felt it would be fair (and very flattering to the story as a whole) if there was one on the review board from me! yay! lol

anyways, so, this was the best chappy ever! i totally want brad (yes, i will beat mal for him and no, he's not fictional! lol just like brian isn't... lol) anyways, so, yeah, i'm gonna go and form an unhealthy obsession on that kid.
8/21/2003 c10 14Ashley the Fair
Great story. The ending was perfect for the story.

8/21/2003 c10 starsprinkles9604
AW!I LOVE IT! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT! THAT WAS WONDERFUL!I'M all smiles now...oh man i'm such a goober...But that was just...so so sweet and i just...OH

warm fuzzies...warm fuzzies al over!

Sigh...that was great.

Peace love and skittles...

You rock.
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