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10/26/2006 c1 42Hannah is a Palindrome

This is intense :].

I like it very much. Nice rhyme without overdoing it. Well done.
8/30/2006 c1 18tree plebian
wow. You make the blood seem almost seductive - the repition of "shiny" is what did it for me. And I love "ruby rain"
4/1/2006 c1 26braindead1345
I like it, kind remidesme of braindamage"Paper holds there folded faces to the floor and every day the paper boy brings more
11/12/2005 c1 wildwolffree17
6/14/2004 c1 5Nonki
clear images/scenarios appearing in my head as each line enters my mind...
good writing...
keep it up!
11/17/2003 c1 236mezzie
enticing combination of bloody unpleasantness with an almost childlike joy of play.
6/2/2003 c1 34Xibalba
Wow ... I dunno why, but this is so disturbing that I love it! ^^ I like it when things come out of nowhere, like the lions ... this was cool. Thanks for the review - I had to write it for homework, and my teacher loves end rhymes, so I sort of had to. Heheheh. Wonderful job here!
5/31/2003 c1 23Quilir
Paper boat! Though i wouldn't want to sail it on that...


Very, um bloody poem, I like the way you added all the scientific relation words with blood, very kewl!

Keep writing
5/20/2003 c1 1aleppine
Second poem of yours I've read, and also of blood, lol. Ah well, tis all good ... I like some of the language you've used in this - 'Would you like to sail a paper boat?' HELL YES! And 'Create some ruby rain.' Simple yet oh so effective. Gorgeous.
5/13/2003 c1 2shards of beauty
i will admit this is twisted...but i enjoyed it immensely(hahaha)...another of your brilliant poems.the comparison of SI and playing is a good one, wish i could've thought of that! lol...very good
4/25/2003 c1 34Smoky Bear
4/10/2003 c1 38Shadafakup
Oh yeah.. I loved that.. Very nice.. The imagery and all.. Its 'cute'.. Forgive me for bein morbid but I like dark poems and yours is great..
4/10/2003 c1 13tainted mind
i love that! omg that's awesome...lol keep writing
4/8/2003 c1 127godawful teen-angst poetry
slightly disturbing, but good...I like the flow, how you go from a scene that seemed to me like self mutilation (hey, you said it was open to interprettation!), but by the end it almost seemed like...I don't know...a nursery rhyme. *shiver* Very good.

4/8/2003 c1 123Tristen
*o.0* Aeroplane sounds a bit off in this, that may be because I pronounce it differently then you? This poem is written really well, very morbid, but for some reason it doen't seem dark.
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