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5/5/2022 c1 same old fan
It's been another 4 years! I'm 30, now. Back in college (now almost a decade ago) a friend and I were talking about the stories we'd read that hit exactly the right parts of our brains at exactly the time when we needed it most, and this story came up. I started telling her about all the 2003-5 early aughts goodness embodied here, and for some reason, I did a good enough job of selling this thing that she decided to read it, too. This had to have been in... oh maybe 2011 or 2012? And she agreed, even though she hadn't read it before, that it was so wonderfully nostalgic and it hit all the right parts of her brain like a pinball machine stuck in a loop, endlessly racking up happy-points. Anyway. There's two 30 year old women (and the other one, my friend? is a medical. doctor. lmaoo) who regularly bring up this story in conversation. I kind of hope you're still writing, out there, somewhere. I at least hope you're well.
3/22/2018 c1 an old fan
I think I first read this story when I was in... maybe junior high or high school? Easily over a decade ago. I'm 26 now, and this story has, believe it or not, stuck with me all this time. Lord knows the chances of you actually seeing this review are practically null- I personally haven't checked whatever email was tied to my original account in, again, probably about a decade. Still, I hope whatever you're doing, author, you look back on this weirdly memorable story with fondness. I sure as hell remember reading this and thinking it was the. tightest. shit. ever. So much so that when some bizarre late train of thought led me to remember this (well past my sensible, old lady bedtime) I decided to look this old thing up and holler into the void about what an impression it made on me. And that's really all I wanted to say: thank you.
8/31/2016 c18 kakattack
I'm so sad to see this story was never finished. However, I commend your writing! The story as is, is fantastic! The characters are so fun, and I do love a good virtual reality plot.

If you could, would you be able to post a basic outline of how the story ends? Just for a conclusive end.

Thank you so much for your story!
8/24/2016 c17 rad-Shay
Sydney is awesome and Game Master has me intrigued.

10/20/2014 c9 1Elizabeth Newsom
Pretty good story, though there's quite a bit of cussing. And, for me, the voodoo doll was kind of on the border...
10/20/2014 c5 Elizabeth Newsom
Wow, this is SO creative and intense. Excellent work!
4/1/2014 c18 6Rischel
pleeeeeaaaase update! i absolutely love this story and the way you write!
11/16/2013 c18 OddlyEmotional
2005. Really. Almost 10 Years ago. Where are you!
Im desperate here. DESPERATE!
P.S. Just finished chapter 18.
7/17/2013 c1 Wicked4life
Lol, best way I've heard anyone ask for reveiws. I like it so far, though its a little early to make judgements.
4/17/2013 c18 3BleedingInLove
i like it
3/16/2013 c18 Guest
This is so good ! Why'd you stop? D:
8/1/2012 c1 Guest
this story looks promising :)
3/25/2012 c18 Rinnie
no updates? even after ALL these years? you broke my heart after I fell in love with this fict, how could you TT
1/19/2012 c18 FamishedNight
Awesome story! Update soon!
9/12/2011 c18 8DorkExpress
Did the Game Master do that because Dom kissed his little raven?

And who is that other dude playing? Is he the Game Master's brother? Can you update please?

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