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for Hope for Andromeda

4/5/2003 c1 The Author
Well I apologize for not being totally accurate, cuz I know that the atmosphere wouldn't remain, but if it wasn't there then it would be hard to write a story with conditions completely impossible to live in...

The backstory isn't provided because the 'writer' (the man writing his journal) didn't know, and if it's first-person point of view then it would be impossible for him to mention information he didn't know about. I wasn't going the hero save-the-world type of guy, just a desperate, regular, working-class man who somehow survived a catastrophe. (Okay, so I actually don't know how the Earth disappeared. I was thinking perhaps the aliens had stolen the land somehow for their own uses because of Earth's minerals and fertile soil, and then gone to collect the remaining supplies. I never really put much thought to it).

As for his obsession about the Andromeda galaxy, he was hoping that there was a planet with intelligent life. It was the only fleeting bit of hope left for him to keep him from going over the edge of sanity.

And the language was actually created very quickly. I asked my mom to pick a random letter between H and T, she picked L. So I made B as L, C as M, so on and so on until I reached K (skipping over the vowels). I actually make up quite a few languages this way.

Anyways, thanks for the review. It's good to know there are still intelligable sci-fi fans out there.
4/5/2003 c1 Callie Summers
Disclaimer: If you don't enjoy Con Crit, stop reading now.

If the Earth was gone, how could it have an atmosphere? An atmosphere requires gravity, and to have gravity some sort of solid/plasmatic mass with a magnetic field is necessary. I realize there are bits and pieces of things floating around, but it's not enough to create a magnetic field that would allow a decently breathable atmosphere to stay in place even if the Earth's core HAD survived. If the Earth dissolved/imploded/randomly disappeared, the atmosphere would've just floated off into space and joined with other elemental gases. Or more likely have gotten sucked into the sun.

On the other hand... interesting concept, and very fun story to read. You're a very good writer. I would like to know a bit more backstory, though, about why the planet dissolved, and perhaps more about why this guy is so obsessive over Andromeda. Was he an astronomer in the past? Just a sci-fi fan? The alien language is neat, too- I can tell you didn't just bang on the keyboard like some authors do.

In general, very nice in the writing and concept department, and the story has really great potential. But the scientific implausibility makes it a bit too unbelievable and could turn away those readers who are really hardcore sci-fi fans.

You'll have to forgive the science rantage... I'm studying Astronomy, and stuff like that just irks me to no end. ^_^;;

Keep writing!


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