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12/23/2017 c1 30Kinola
How come this doesn't have a title?
4/14/2003 c1 89Lyria Shard
I struggled when trying to use the translators you recommended, and I tried to sign the card, but it wouldnt let me. I used a different translator, and tested it by trying to translate the title, which came up as Pure Brightness. Is this anywhere near what it really is? Email me please, because I would really like to be able to read all of your poems, including the ones written in Chinese.

4/10/2003 c1 35aurias
Qing Ming is special to the Chinese, but unfortunately, I don't go during this time. I will go during november. Nice imagery.
4/7/2003 c1 64not sure yet
aw, very touching, nicely done
4/6/2003 c1 Needa S
Heartfelt and touching.. * hugs*
4/5/2003 c1 18trulyshine
Hee hee...I like it!

I went to tidy my grandma's grave that day! I got to see a lot of my cousins!
4/5/2003 c1 107Tori Keedah
*hugs* I wish I could visit my decess loved ones. I wish - but I can't. To far away. *hugs*
4/5/2003 c1 Pear
Sad. I just called my grandparents, they say even though they are in the most outbreak area they are fine. I feel a lot better these days. I saw on the newspaper that they found antidote in HK. Some comfort to the terrible time.

I almost forget today is Qing Ming. Thanks for reminding me. I will do my prayers.
4/5/2003 c1 28ChaoxAngel
It feels like a person waiting in anticipation for someone, and that person isn't turning up. Very sad. Very sad. Going to visit the ancestors tomorrow with my parents (on 05-04-2003). :o)

4/5/2003 c1 The Black Rider
I truly loved this poem. This is one of your all-time best. It was so cold and beautiful, imo. Again, I'm very sorry about this outbreak in China. You shall all be in my prayers. Brilliant poem.
4/4/2003 c1 43Jay Lee
ALthough I don't know what the chinese symbols mean. I like your breif saying about the graveyard. I would go even if there was an outbreak to pay respect to my mom and dad.

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