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for Space

9/11/2003 c1 127godawful teen-angst poetry
Great use of metaphors.
7/6/2003 c1 106cosmo-queen
Short and meaningful. You created some good imagery here. Good work, keep writing :)

4/19/2003 c1 Memory of Alessa
Oh...I liked it. That was really nice. Keep up the good work. I tried to review this before, but fp.net didn't feel like working. Anyway, nifty poem.
4/7/2003 c1 13Dendera
Very visual poem. I think the last stanza is my favorite of the piece. The reader is made to experience the warmth, and then pulled right back with you into cold, unrelenting space. You're quite right, it does remind me of some of the Chinese/Japanese poetry that has been influencing my own style of late.

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