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for To Save a Kingdom

9/17/2007 c24 vallerine
awesome story! loved your writing style!
9/15/2007 c24 anybody
i loved it
9/9/2007 c24 KelseyBell910
lovely! fantastic! u are a wonderful writer! =]
7/13/2007 c24 sUmM3R43terNIt33
i absolutely love ur story. i wish there was more bout dri and shane in the end tho
6/22/2007 c24 Evenstar1389
Hihi i like this story a lot, it's a short but sweet fantasy story, a little short in depth compared to the usual trilogies but then u probably know that XD

I like Shane a lot but its kinda sad that Gadel went mad =(

Good work!
6/20/2007 c23 silliegurl789
yay! great job.
6/18/2007 c24 4Riku E. Fallon
Sad to say that after he grew up I never warmed up to Shane's character again. Ah well, it was still a pretty good story, thanks for posting your writing. I look forward to reading more of your works.
5/16/2007 c24 hopelessromantic444
wow. amazing story! incredible!
5/5/2007 c24 10tearsofthefallen
i have now read and reread this story five times. that is saying a lot, i only read most storys once. To Save a Kingdom is really good!
4/30/2007 c24 Genato
AW.. i really liked it. i feel bad for gadel though. even though i knew fro the start that shane and drianna were right for each other.. although i had my doubts about gadel.
4/15/2007 c9 Rei
ah! I am so happy that she is not staying with Gadel... he is too mean while drunk.
4/15/2007 c6 Rei
Oh, very nice! I denfinately can't wait to read more :O)
2/8/2007 c24 2JusticeWriter
Awesome story. Simply, awesome. :)
1/31/2007 c24 31emptyword
Beautifully written and constructed, especially the pacing. Two rewrites huh? I kind of regret not having found this earlier and read your first two versions as well. I think it might have been fun. This one at least is a wonderful rendition of an epic tale. Too bad you never did write that other story or any other for this site, but great job with this one and best of luck!
1/22/2007 c24 25elohimdancer319
Aww... that was a beautiful story. I love these middle ages type stories. Wonderfully written. The ending nearly made me cry! Amazing job.
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