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8/28/2006 c1 5The Green Crow
Wow- this looks like it'll be interesting.
8/13/2006 c24 rubyred7
loved it, one of my favourite stories on this site.
7/25/2006 c24 verify-me22
I enjoyed this story.Honestly, i wanted so badly for it to be Gadel and Drianna. If anything, i felt Drianna treated him badly and should never have gotten involved with him. I didn't really like Shane, but hey the story was still good.Keep writing! :)
7/18/2006 c24 1kurara3
Hey,sorry I didn't review earlier but I was so caught up in reading I didn't want to stop. wow that was so good. keep up the good work!kurara3 _
7/12/2006 c23 rollwithit
aww this story was so good! a tragic end for gadel though, but im glad shane and dri had their happy ending.
7/11/2006 c24 Michelle
Wow, this story was just incredible. It's been three years and I doubt that you'll read this but I just felt that I had to anyway.You are definitely an excellent writer and I hope to continue to read more of your work. I loved the storyline but it was also so depressing. I liked Shane AND Gadel and the story somehow left me a little unsatisfied. I had hoped Gadel would move on and not end up as he did.But either way, GREAT job. I loved it :]
5/31/2006 c24 Jamiesbond
i absolutely loved this story! it was very powerful and unpredictable. this is a great story. i loved all the characters. they were very well developed and their maturing changes were great. congratulations on such a wonderful story!
5/18/2006 c16 37La Vida
You switch from first person to third person a lot. Good story. Have to finish.
4/22/2006 c24 emily
yes well after 3 years, i finally come to read this story,adn damn it was good, it was awsome i couldnt stop reading it it was so good!
4/22/2006 c23 18unthinkable
i was looking around and stumbled onto your story. i'm glad that i did! it was very good! i hope you have other story plots flowing through your head and hope to write them out.
4/19/2006 c24 So-This-Is-Hate
lol i know that you wrote this story 3 years ago, but i am hoping that perhaps you still check on your reviews. i just wanted to tell you that ut was a VERY good story, it made the reader just as confused as the drianna, i felt almost every emotion she did. it seems most stories on here make the women weak, and i often time find myseld annoyed with them. i was never annoyed with drianna, she was the perfect herione. if you EVER decide to write another stoy, PLEASE let me know i would love to read it. my email is or if you have aim: MP and the HG is my name. please feel free to contact me. Amanda
4/15/2006 c24 3Drowning In Darkness
This was truly a great story I enjoyed every bit of it. I have read it in the spanse of two days and have absorbed like a good little sponge. It's great the taling of it was superb. Hopefully you will write another that I may be able to enjoy and review every chapter instead of this one Epilogue.

Best of luck and wishes to you and your writing.


4/12/2006 c24 7lilxseeker
o0o0o i love this story!
3/5/2006 c24 1SweetRose9
Wow... Great Story. I usually don't review. It's been almost a year since i last reviewed but this one really caught my interest. I think theres great potential for a second story and i would be interested in seeing what you come up with if you're willing.
2/24/2006 c24 Sam
OMG I love your story, my eyes hurt now for continuelessly reading it.
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