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12/17/2013 c24 Saberin
This story was amazing! I loved it! Thanks :D
9/2/2013 c24 Dominique Diane
The epilogue is just as short as the prologue, pretty awesome idea! I really thought she was going to end with his master but then it was way better that she finished with Shane :) I love it!
6/18/2013 c23 Preposterous
I'm glad about how this ended. It tied back to the beginning very well and drianna made the right choice.
6/18/2013 c9 Preposterous
I didn't like gadel in this chapter. Drianna needs to be stronger.
6/18/2013 c7 Preposterous
Great story! I kinda wish havara had more spunk though.
12/26/2012 c14 2Bluescape
This chapter makes me very happy that I have been a fan of Shane all along.
12/26/2012 c4 Bluescape
I really like how you have progressed with the story in this way. I feel like so many authors are relying on flashbacks. I can't wait to read more!
11/18/2012 c24 1spottedfire98
That is awe inspiring writing...did that make sense? Anyways! I loved how you completely changed up the pairing, but you did it in a way that I loved it when her and Gralen(?) were together and I thought 'Oh! They're gonna end up together' then switched it up in a way that I was Like "Choose Shane NOWWW!". It was smart to put him at the beginning of the story as her best friend so that he was already there not just 'Poof! Here I am!'...Okay, ending my long rambles here :D
10/8/2012 c24 Amber Ice Fox
Great story! I enjoyed every word of it!
8/9/2012 c24 stargiggles
Wonderful, just WONDERFUL!

I'm dejected that Gadel turned out the way he did. He was so sweet and caring towards Drianna during her stay at his manor and I wanted that Gadel to come back. I was rooting for him to win her heart in the end! Nevertheless, Shane is a perfect fit for Drianna and I'm happy they found happiness. :)
8/9/2012 c17 8LaGrid
Great chapter. I'm going away for a little while, but I'll come back later okay?
8/9/2012 c16 LaGrid
LOL. Shane was a girl in your original draft? Your little epilogue at the end greatly amused me. She was disguised as a boy? What is this? LOL. Suffice to say I'm glad this version exists, though the previous ones sound entertaining too :P
8/9/2012 c14 LaGrid
Yeah, I wanted the kiss! Evil temptress.
8/9/2012 c11 LaGrid
What a beautiful chapter. I know I don't really have to review A LOT and encourage you to continue, when it's already finished but I still want too. I am excited about the Oracle. I wonder how "black" Gadel will react when he crosses path with his former lover. And give a candle to Shane! Ooh-er. Where did that whole "your girlish infatuation holds NOTHING to my burning flame" come from? That man is RED HOT! -fans self-
8/9/2012 c9 LaGrid
Oh hell yeah! I'm having a lot of fun! Their love is really sweet, but I wonder if it will survive when Harvana comes back as a Queen. Will she come back? Gadel seemed teetering on the verge of a blackhole, and now with his love leaving...I hope he doesn't do anything stupid.
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