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for To Save a Kingdom

4/5/2010 c3 MelodieCC
wow, that's sad! great story so far even though i think she might be a bit more intelligent for a child her age. :)
4/5/2010 c1 5christinaxxyo
I like the way you started this :D
3/23/2010 c23 2Seriah Black Sheep
Believe it or not, I think my favorite part about the ending to this story, is about what happened to Gadel. One always reads stories of suspicious characters lurking in dark places of the world, their heart torn over a scarring past. It was a nice reversal to see the beginning of such a character, rather than his end-however sad it might be.
2/24/2010 c23 7PoppySeeds
Aw, what a sweet, tragic, uplifting, exciting, well thought-out story! Well done, you have a great gift for writing.
2/24/2010 c4 PoppySeeds
I realize you wrote this a realy long time ago but I am just discovering it. And so far, I love it! :) It's different from so much on FP and it's so refreshing to read something that's written so well and not about teenage vampire love. :) You may not even be on FP anymore for all I know, but I just wanted you to know I'm enjoying it. My only thing so far is that when Havara is auctioned off someone says she'll grow up into a "hot little thing" and it just felt...off, somehow. Like that's something we would say, not in a fantastical kingdom. However, I don't mean that little tiny bit of CC to interfere with my super positive review. Great job so far! :D
2/12/2010 c24 BrillieG
This is a wonderful story. I just finished it today and I loved every inch. :)
1/28/2010 c24 WithEveryReason
I loved To Save a Kingdom.

Great job.

1/22/2010 c24 rddekker
I'm not really fond with King-Queen's stories... but now I am! SUPER BEAUTIFUL story! great job! :)

I cried for Gadel, he's in despair! huhu :( especially in "...talking to sprites. Some say he’s mad or cursed and that if you look into his deep blue eyes, you’ll melt at his feet." oh my why he has to turned that way? THE SPRITES! THOSE BlUE EYES! :(

but anyway, one thing i like most in this story... General S.Raphen! So sexy! just the name General S.Raphen makes my mouth water XD Ah! I think i want to marry a general too.
1/17/2010 c3 rddekker
So far, im getting hooked with it! :P oH my, poor general akkad. wars are never good. :(
1/12/2010 c24 Alanisaur
I like your story so many twists and there's even a cliche! Haha, my favorite character right now has to be Mimi. That little gossiper! I like how the story all played out, but what I dont like is that you went back and changed the story so many times. If it were me, I would have all of those versions on as seperate stories, so the readers can see all of it at multiple views. Also, if you kept those up your readers couldve told you which version they liked best so you wouldnt have to wonder and all your hard work would have not gone to waste. Sadly, I cant tell you which one I liked best, for I have only read this one.

I think you should make a sequel to this story starring the eldest son you mentioned in the epilogue. So that he can have his own adventures! If you do, I would read and review.

1/11/2010 c3 Alanisaur
Didnt the princess (I just read this chapter and I forgot her nname already) train in self defense or something, couldnt she at least take some of those soldiers out?

1/2/2010 c24 Chocorange888
I'm not sure if you still read the reviews that you get for this story since it's very old, but I figured that you definitely deserves them. It was a beautiful story and the way that the characters matured in it was very nice, but I do think it could have had more development. Nevertheless, thank you very much and happy New Year!
1/1/2010 c24 Readaholic205
I absolutely love this story. Thats all I'm going to say :D
12/19/2009 c2 rddekker
i havent read something fantasy like this here in fictionpress, and I must say, this one is really good. :)
9/8/2009 c23 2bubublacz
I forgot to say that the plot is good so you should consider rewriting it.
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