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4/6/2010 c1 4The Howler
RAWK and ROL! AWE-some writing. Cool story so far, too! :D
3/10/2008 c1 8Written
patricia wrede made my childhood worth it. random note.

this story is hilarious so far. I will continue reading when it's not 4 in the morning. D: I NEED TO SLEEP.

Very well done, though.
2/1/2007 c14 2Frightfully Unaware
Love the story! You should update soon!
1/18/2006 c14 whohasthezebra
Ok. Finally got back onto this site...The TM's were a little overdone, but you cleaned that up in this chapter, nice to see. I didn't notice till you pointed out, but short hair does go with a dragon better than a Pegasus!Argilagili's name sounds like a mystic seaweed from medieval times... I like it. I love the Villa. Well. Now I actually have to write something myself...
9/9/2005 c14 2Mercutioslover
I love it.

T'is wonderful. Makes me happy. I love tongue in cheek parodies like this one where there's just enough of joke that it all could just be a very bad story. It's very excellent.

Update soon.
8/16/2005 c14 10Wesley The Dark Prince
Ah yes that chapter was as satisfying as some greasy fast food. I ecspecially love the cave filled with random princesses. I had totally perfect visualisation of that part in my head.

Hm yes well this chapter was much better than the last one. Arigaligaligaliho was more plumped up, character-wise, and the jokes seemed more subtle.

Say Leah Claire, because that's your name you know, I just read not one but two fantasy novels. Antrax (by YOUR FAVORITE Terry Brooks) and The Crystal Throne (or something along those lines). Anyway I found the latter incredibly bad. I mean it had everything. Mysterious figures in cloaks, an old woman with sharp wit, men who prophesize, and a Rutgeur Hauer-esque bad guy with white hair. So if you need some more inspiration, and if that actually is the name of the book, you might wanna check it out. You'll be dissapointed!

Anyway I'm glad you added another chapter. I hope that in the coming weeks you'll stop your daily activities, including your job, so you can devote all your time writing chapters to this story of sharp wit. Because when nerds with cheasy names about dark princes want you to write more, you better write more.

Hope to see more!
8/7/2005 c14 1Katlight-Sparkle
Hey, what? That's it? No!

Even though I've been reading this thing for like an hour straight through I can't believe it's over.


Tis truly awesome by the way.
11/26/2004 c13 19Anagronax
*sigh*... And again, I almost missed two chapters! *dramatic pose* /(-o- ) Well, I'm sure glad I didn't :p. Soo.. a dragon eh?... Well, it was to be expected XD. You don't go around prancing and getting to be the center of old prophecies and defeating barbarian hordes without attracting a dragon :p. I wonder whether this could possibly be the Dragon that dwelled in the Haunted Cave(tm)... XD. I am a bit miffed about her not getting Herbie the Happy Cow though... :(... Come on! A cow would've had so many cool and useless powers! Like Quick Grazing(tm) and Hypno Cow-Stare of DOm(tm)! :pAnyway, a marvelous two chapters! Keep on going and don't you dare stop without it having a conclusive Happy Ending(tm) :3.
8/12/2004 c11 whohasthezebra
yeah, can't login because on a technicality, i have kinda already reviewed.
So! I like the "Glittering Green Eyes" bit. All in all, fabulous job so far.
Have you read Kelley and the Italian Guy? It's as fun to write as this story.
8/10/2004 c13 3Repair My Wings
The big dragon is a nice touch.
Well here are the answers to you questions:
A1: I changed my name because *Exciting Adventurous Music tm* I was bored
A2: a troup of proffesionals would have to work for weeks on end to make my sister laugh
To guard the villa wouldn't you want some nice decorative carnivorous plant?
8/5/2004 c13 10Wesley The Dark Prince
How come this chapter is so short. Why does the bad guy live in a villa? How do you pronounce the dragons name? WHy is Mars red? Why are tress blue?
But who cares? Now that unlucky chapter 13 is done you can speed it up and give us some genuine chapters.
I noticed that the recent chapters have a very different feel to them. It's getting more and more...American, if I may say so. The first ten were very sophisticated and well written but lately the chapters ahve been getting more and more vulgar and annoying.
Now you may smite me, and smite you will.
I just remembered a story I wrote a couple of years ago. It was alot like this, the names were pretty stupid. I might as well give you some of them: Maxximiola, Jim Grimm, Eonaphelonameradine, Feldoromax, Kikiwakimakapapaloos, un-fairies.
I am so the suggestion King!
8/3/2004 c12 Wesley The Dark Prince
I think that's the shortest chapter in the story. Well there's my review. Hah hah HAH! I GOT YOU!
I saw Shrek 2 a couple of days ago, it's pretty funny. If you wanted to rip off fairy tales than you could have characters such as Pinnochio, and Rapunzel thrown in at various times.
I might as well put down all fantastical things that could be parodied(sp?).
Lightning, dragons that move like rubber (e.g: neo in the matrix 2+3), tall towers, markets (sqaures, bazaars etc.), ruinous buildings, swords, wild savages (oh he's darker than me, he must be a savage), inhuman guards, centaurs (there so damn proud), unicorns, volcanoes, any wild/extreme geographical feautures, fairy godmothers, dwarves, large forests, fairies (pixies, sprites, nymphs, spirits, leprachauns, Katie Couric, gnomes, satyrs, fauns), Giants, lots of gold, jewels to go with the gold, exotic foods (with matching exotic people), flying ships, large boats, remnants of the past (just like Terry Brooks!)
And that's about it. Buhbye
8/2/2004 c12 3Repair My Wings
This is the former 1 of the Heatless Flame.
Enough with the introductions. Well it took long enough for this chapter to get up =P. But this story doesn't get old it even made my sister laugh.
Where is the typical Eville Beast in this story? Like the Dragon that guards the castle or the Pheonix (sp) or Minotar, etc. No story is complete without one of those.
5/8/2004 c11 Rebecca JJ
HahahhahaH! Love this.
My roommate was bored, so we started reading this outloud to eachother. :D heehee
5/2/2004 c1 2Amor Vincit Omnia
Lol...Can't stop laughing...:D
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