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12/31/2003 c1 Angel Believer
Something poignant like this makes me want to beat the tar out of all of my immature classmates making jokes about SAR victims in China. They're in highschool now, for the love of Heaven!
Beautiful job. I think I should keep an eye on your work...
12/15/2003 c1 17zamnath
Cool, but a few of the translations into english are a bit off. You might want to change "soul" to "souls" as soul requires an "a" before it to have it make sense and that would throw off the haiku. "sufferance" should be "suffering" and you might want to find a way of demonstrating the womans insanity without using a pronoun, they are considered the trash of the english language (maybe make it a noun, that would make a little less sense but it would still sound cooler.) That's about all i saw. Good enough to shine through the mistakes.
10/18/2003 c1 48Sun Chime
I know I'm real late about SARs and all, but even now I'd like to say that The work of the hospital staff and everyone involved in the healing of SARs patients, is admirable and appreciated. I pray for those infected and grieve for the ones we've lost.
10/7/2003 c1 The Black Rider
~~ All fans of the great Princess Mulan should visit the following site on information to discover her whereabouts: w.helpfindprincessmulan.0catch.com. So far poems dedicated to the Haiku mistress are being accepted at the site. The e-mail address is there if you wish to do so. Thank you. ~~
9/14/2003 c1 19Morncreek
Things must be horrible indeed.
6/14/2003 c1 200Ashes of a Willow
SARS is a terrible thing right now. My mom actually went to Taiwain under CDC to help the people there. She had to be rushed back to the USA because the scientist she was working with became ill. Thank goodness he and the rest of his crew (the three other CDC members) were alright. :)
6/9/2003 c1 Strayct
Great haiku!
5/8/2003 c1 3Sherra
As one who is nervous about SARS I appreciate your bravery for confronting it for me. I feel a little better now after reading this, a little safer too. Thanks!
5/1/2003 c1 14jaded but alive
How profoundly astonoshing! Your poems seem to carry on an aura of hope and love, that spreads itself around the globe. Your empathy is inspirational! How do you do it Princess Mulan!
5/1/2003 c1 47Dave500
very good job. It was reading your profile and poems that inspired me to write my essay hope. Thank you for reviewing it
4/30/2003 c1 8glitterjewele
wow . . . SHIVERS. that was amazingly good. somehow once again you managed to put me in the hospital - i seriously felt like i was standing in a bleached white corridor watching that poor nurse scream. HOW DO YOU DO IT? *sigh* this was very touching. the first stanza in particular made my picture of SAR more vivid. awesome job!
4/30/2003 c1 40DS000
I love your haiku and I hope that every thing turns out okay in Hong Kong. Keep writing.
4/24/2003 c1 71QueenOfTheUniverse
wow! Very emotional, and well written!
4/20/2003 c1 lillee92
great poem!

thankyou for the complement!

(if only people could review my other stories...)


happy easter 2 u 2:D
4/16/2003 c1 36obsidian katana
great piece! very encouraging! i like it! good job! keep on writing!
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