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12/16/2005 c1 Sapphire Spectrum
i can't imagine how painful it must have been for the doctor to have to make that call, and the wife to have to receive it. inspirational.
10/7/2003 c1 The Black Rider
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9/14/2003 c1 19Morncreek
Very sade and tragic. I hope that SARS will be gone forever.
9/7/2003 c1 26pneumothorax
that was really good. especially the ending I thought was really sad and made it what it is. the last line made me think of how hard it must be explaining to a kid about how their parents mgiht die/is ill etc and how the kid would react. v. good.

8/6/2003 c1 25Twisted Illusion
oh that is so sad, it terrible to think how many people have died from this, amazing poem.

7/20/2003 c1 32C.K. Sarvis
Thats so sad, I can't believe that actually happened. Now I'm depressed, After making my first humor poem, I feel like writing angst again. but that's okay, half of my good poems are angsts. very good.

6/14/2003 c1 200Ashes of a Willow
aww! How sad.. I can't imagine how painful that would be!
6/3/2003 c1 14Scarlett Red Rose
So sad, the doctors and other people helping out the SARS patients are brave. Very nice poem though!
6/1/2003 c1 35Mime
Yes, SARS is affecting many families right now. I hope it ends soon.
5/18/2003 c1 Palanathradion Esgalsirion
THat was very touching, quite sad, but very very good!keep it up!
5/11/2003 c1 Cloudie
This is really sad.
4/30/2003 c1 267Lady B.V Rose
no...I'm crying...I hate crying...i usually just write out my depression... ;_;


~Suicide Phantom~
4/29/2003 c1 8glitterjewele
*is drowning in torrent of sobs* that was very, very tragic and impressive! i am so completely glad i read this. now, since your poetry brings things to life somehow, SARS has become something real for me. YOU ARE AMAZING. thank you so much for posting this.
4/26/2003 c1 15Isay
Very sad. *sniff*

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