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4/14/2003 c1 Watch Me
I don't know; I think it gives it more of a dramatic effect, leaving it somewhat unfinished. Like the title says, a nightmare. You never really finsih one, it's just over when you wake. Hopefully. Anyways, I love it! I love the way you write ( even if you can be a brat!)
4/9/2003 c1 8Broken Puppet
Yeah, it does sound a bit unfinished. I like it in an odd sort of way though. A bit depressing, but I like those kind of things among others.

Ciao. ^_~
4/9/2003 c1 2Blue Cherry
I didn't find it unfinished. I guess you could add another verse or two but it's fine that way too.

I could relate alot because as a matter of fact, that's how I felt yesterday..

Good job, keep it up!

Blue Cherry

P.S: You wrote that you like people leaving you reviews? guess who else likes it? ME! *hint, hint*

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