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1/7/2004 c1 107A. Bush
10/15/2003 c1 30Stratahawk
First, I just want to thank you for reviewing my poem, Final Prayer. Ok, onto the review. Absolutely wonderful work. I especially love the first sonnet, for some reason, it calls to me and stirs something in my soul. Both sonnets were beautifully written. Keep up the great work.
10/1/2003 c1 acccountkiller
hey, this is amazing, brilliant, i love it! i honestly think its hte best thing i've read hear, or one of the best. how old r u? ok, perso question, sry, my curiosity will kill me one day, this is so beautiful. hmm, is ur real name mia? thats my name, lol, and i love it cos its not a common name, and it sounds nice, well i'll just stop talking now, a masterpiece, wonderful poems, amazing. Twilight
8/21/2003 c1 116Incubabe
Wow! You're really talented. I was kinda skipping through your poem list looking for a short one and this kicks ass!

I love it - "Asphyxiated in the ice queen's claw" - you should be writing horror poems, seriously!

Diana x
5/5/2003 c1 2StarofDawn
Very nice rythm! I could never write that!
4/18/2003 c1 Sun Rose Fox
melikes. weirdly religious... like my I TEGO ARCANA DEI... also similar that it has a title no one understands. hehe. ur poem's so... proper. like a proper good poem. hehe. yay!
4/10/2003 c1 13tainted mind
thats really good. i love the rhyme scheme and your word choice.well done(and thank you for reviewing my piece,lol)
4/10/2003 c1 Hans
I like this poem... although not quite as much as I like sauerkraut... or, come to think of it, pickled fish. Good, what's the word? illiterate, good imagerrary and.. yeah. A damn good poem, good enough for all those partially deaf, blind and inhibited Germans whose bright spot on their horizon are Speedos. Thanks, miamouse.
4/10/2003 c1 2Anarchy Burger
Bonjour Mia,

je pense que c'est très bon. Les français, comme moi, aime le sanguis. sanguis je vous tuerai *souris*

au revoir ma petite fille

mon amour

mon petit filou

mon chou flour

mon poulet mort
4/9/2003 c1 39Clockwork Angel
both of the poems have very deep words and nice line construction but I think the second sonnet is superior to the first one in terms of the flow of the words...I like it really dark...
4/9/2003 c1 14Ninsetta Tristel Sundar
I love the title. It's very appropriate for the tone of the stories. I also really liked the second one. the first one was still pretty good but it didn't quite catch my fancy so to speak. It was almost melodramatic..but then i kinda like melodramatic (as is obvious from any or all of my own poems). I liked the lines about the heart in the first one and especially the first three or four lines in the second. Thanks for reviewing my stuff too.

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