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6/26/2012 c1 aprilyap86
Hi Snow,

I think i love your story very much. Aaron and Christina, I can totally relate with them. It's just like me and my husband. :) We were really worse enemies and well we fell in love. I would love to see how their love story goes!

3/9/2010 c35 lostlette
um about the ending. it was a lil disappointing. good story though.
12/31/2009 c35 WTF
The hell?

This ending sucks @$$!

I mean its horrible. It's too sudden. Its like one moment, they love eachother than like a sentence later BAM! she hates him! What's with that? It need a better ending...
11/25/2009 c35 2katicus
i liked the way the rivarly progresses into something more and think that they way you have ended this story is really unusual and like it because you go against the norm.
10/3/2009 c4 pageleaf
Oh wow! And she write stories! This is slightly creepy how much this is like Deja-vu...you're and amazing author, and one of my favorite plots is rivals who totally get the hots for each other. They're kind of adorable. :)
10/3/2009 c2 pageleaf
Omigod! I just looked at her scheduled, and saw Spanish and Orchestra! That's just too great, because those are my electives of choice. Have been since the 7th grade!
9/9/2008 c35 3AJS
Agreed that this ending sucks. It's not so much that it's a "sad" ending where they break up, but it just doesn't even make sense to end the story here. It's so abrupt. She still has so many problems to work out, with herself and with her relationships to other people. She regrets it at the end, why didn't you pick up on that and have her do something about it? Grieve about it? Act upon it? There's the whole "I love you" thing too. So what's the answer to that as well?

A lot of this story doesn't make sense, actually. There are some inconsistencies in here. Like Christina at first said that they were enemies all the way back since third grade, but apparently not because she confessed to liking Aaron in seventh grade. And why did Aaron just so easily drop his other friends once Shane accepted him back in the group? Why did Shane even suddenly decide to be friends again anyways? Didn't they have problems to work out between the two of them? Why did everyone else so easily accept Aaron back in the group as well? I thought the girls didn't really like Aaron either.

I don't know. I feel like this story just didn't really dig deep enough. You skimmed the surface but you never really went down and actually examined your characters' feelings or actions, or just your characters themselves, so there was always this detached tone to the whole story that made it impossible for the reader to actually feel what your characters were supposed to be feeling.

It's disappointing that they didn't end up together, especially when Aaron is so obviously crazy about Christina, and Christina is so obviously regretting her decision. And there is obviously nothing wrong with the relationship between them. And when you asked your readers to decide whether this story should have a happy or sad ending, the majority was overwhelmingly for happy. You said happy doesn't necessarily mean that the characters are together, but there's certainly nothing happy about this ending.

- Alyssa
7/21/2007 c35 2JusticeWriter
No offense but this have got to be the worst ending in the history of fanfiction stories. It's by far the worst ending I've ever read.
1/5/2007 c1 siddika
12/24/2006 c1 youpin
Good job.
9/17/2006 c9 2akaCHEEKS
this story is too cheesy.. but it's in the skwo awards or something. so i'l read it.. or was it in another person's favorite stories. i have no idea i forgot already. but yeah. i'll read the rest tomorrow!
9/12/2006 c6 akaCHEEKS
haha lolz
9/11/2006 c4 akaCHEEKS
haha.. but it's kind of confusing.. and no offense but annoying.. cause then you would write it in both of their point of views.. and i have no problem with that but why repeat whatever they say in their heads and the conversations? that's like wasting our time, especially yours and also making us restless cause then we'll be reading the same things over.. and chances are.. we're just going to skip the part we already know and we might miss an important event.. get me? but i guess you can't do anything about it now since you're already done with the whole thing.. but if you ever plan on revising and editing it.. keep that in mind... k?
6/4/2006 c1 akaCHEEKS
5/21/2006 c31 Faith Miragrehich
Yo Dudette!

Love ur story...BUT i still cant belive how smart a 4 year old gril can get...I mean what the heck? I have a sister and she started to talk around about the age of 2 and she didnt know what the heck she was talking about until she was 5. I asked her something when she was 3 and a half, i remember this because it was so stoopid...

me: 'hey sheer, what colour is you're shirt, i really like it'

Sheer: 'fath...fathie...nyea nyea sikan'

which if u translate it means chicken...its got nothing to do with anything but i still think that there is no way that a 4 year old can be as smart as the Dea character u have in this story. Its just unbelievable.

Other than that, I LOVE UR STORY!
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