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4/13/2003 c1 145True Illusion
hm...words i'm looking for escape me...it strikes close to home, i can definitly relate. there's real emotion, real animosity here that u can really feel. trust me, i'm slightly like this...try reading my poem "falling grasping drowning" and u might see what i mean. awesome job tho. thankys for the reviews. keep up the great work and i hope things look up!
4/11/2003 c1 37Cassie Metallium1
Hm. Some of this sounds just like me. ^^; But, still, another superb freeverse poetic flowness coming from our very own Terry-chan! ^_^ ...and if you kill yourself...~twitches~

...don't even think about it anymore. You'd hurt people more than you would make them happy, that's a damn given! And what about the person you said you couldn't express yourself to? How would they feel with you gone?

Yeah, gomen, had to get that all out...but, still, sugoi da ne! :)

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