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for Forbidden Love

4/13/2003 c1 Rouji-kun
This is great stuff, Fuse-san. This actually made me cry. It's obvious that it's not about a guy, but that doesn't dampen your skills in any way. This is just so romantic. You should show this to whoever it's about, because she's a lucky girl to have someone so romantic in love with her. I hope everything works out for the both of you. :-)
4/11/2003 c1 Anonymous Friend
Very well written. I like the flow of this poem.

But perhaps she is afraid as well? Perhaps the only one she ever loved before you took a hard fall and didn't truly return and she is afraid that'll happen to you?

Did you ever consider that she also used the movie as an excuse to be near you, even though she was truly afraid?

And maybe she wanted to accept your touch, edged close to you on purpose during the night so she could wake up mere inches from your face in the morning. Maybe she watched you for hours on end while you slept and she couldn't because of that movie?

Perhaps she did answer your invitation and you hadn't realized? Maybe she wanted to turn at an extremely scary moment and just "accidentally" brush against your lips?

Just a thought...from someone who knows the both of you.
4/11/2003 c1 37Cassie Metallium1
Wow...that was just so awesome. You appealed to the heart with your words, stirring something inside in the reader, making them want to help in some way, making them want to cry, making them think of similar experiences. :) Extremely awesome, Terry-chan. And I know of a certain 4 people that were there who would know exactly who you're talking about if they read this. :) I'll keep it secret.

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