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for A Lover's Pain Paranoia

8/28/2003 c6 7Dark Hamadryad
But they just got together! And you killed them off! That's just rude!

j/k I enjoyed reading every chapter very muchly.

8/28/2003 c5 Dark Hamadryad
hi hi! Me again! Such a sweet poem!

8/11/2003 c4 Dark Hamadryad
Ok, well, the third chapter was better than the second. But both were still really good.

8/11/2003 c2 Dark Hamadryad

8/2/2003 c5 1halfyoukai
this is sad *sniffles*

Write more!
7/16/2003 c6 1Jimmy Jazz
Amazing work here, brilliant, well done. Effin brilliant.

BTW, On your profile you mentioned a person flamed you, someone on your favourite's list, well, I just want to assure you it isn't me. I don't go on FanFiction.net anymore. I read the flame, and it's obvious that his person is clearly braindead. I haven't read your story, basically because it's not my taste ( sorry ), I don't like FanFiction because I prefer to read people write their own characters. I hope this proves that I have not given you any bad reviews, even though I can't see how I proved it... I'm just mumbling, lol. Anyway, take no notice of the flamer. I don't think it was anyone from your favourites list because you wouldn't add someone who was like that, would you?

Anyway... lol. Excellent work.
7/14/2003 c6 The Black Rider
I don't think I ever finished reading this, so now I am. This series was very, very good. It really captured the pain the protagonist suffered, despite its concise length. Great job.
7/13/2003 c6 GrungeIsDead
Good job.
7/12/2003 c6 lostinscotland
cuteness! and welcome back!
7/12/2003 c6 98Not Just a Little Girl
Oh no! they didn't die did they? "I've joing you in heaven"? they're just happy together again right?

anyway. loved it all! are you going to write any more for it? please? **looks hopefully**
7/12/2003 c5 Not Just a Little Girl
Yay! *ahem*

they met, well, we knew they would, but still...

my favourite lines are:

"Tears stream down our faces,

Maybe we don’t think on such a different basis."

great work sal!
7/12/2003 c3 Not Just a Little Girl
Aw! (
7/12/2003 c2 Not Just a Little Girl
O loving this :D

basement vs. sky -brilliant take on it.

**rushes to click to next chapter**
5/14/2003 c5 GrungeIsDead
That was SO good Sal! Keep it up! I think that was such an awesome poem! I lve it! Keep it up, Sal!
5/14/2003 c3 GrungeIsDead
How do you rhyme so well? Oh well.. I forgot to review on the first part but who cares. I like the way you say 'Baby, Honey, Sweetie, Love, and Sugar' twice. It makes it sound really neat. This first part is really sweet so far..

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