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for Shiranai

7/9/2004 c7 Lady Alexiel
You're so mean, I wanna see the next chapter! ç.ç Please, please! Love the fic!^^
5/4/2003 c7 Star
Oh My! how can you stop here? that's pure torture! oh...can you write more soon? pretty please? ^.^ frankly, this is my idea of yaoi.95% yaoi! great variation of attraction you have here. good luck with your writings, and do update soon!
4/13/2003 c7 37Cassie Metallium1
Mwuahahahahahahah! XD I think this is my favorite out of all your fics, Terry-chan! Shiranai is just so awesome. ~snickers~ In the light booth...ne, ne, where's the rest? ~pokey, pokey~ It wasn't a full lemon, right? So what happened to everything else?

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