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6/10/2003 c17 6fireintrouble
haha, haven't heard from me in a while have you? Well, i've most on the finals over with at school, and i've made up most of my work, and school is almost over, and i managed to find time to review. Wow, this ended great, fantastic, and a whole lot of otheradjectives, it was a great read, i'm glad i took the time to read it all and i can't wait to read your next story. Would you mind reviewing some of my stories please? I'm having trouble recruiting reviewers and would like a second opinion on how my stories are going, thanks a bunch, i'm gonna go read seren's side, now that she's pulled a Jareth, and then rea this other story you got up.
5/14/2003 c17 2BobDuck
Well I just finished reading the rest of this great story and I can honestly say...bravo!

The cast have really come to life. I felt right along with them. Very well done...I can't wait to read more of your stories.

Sorry I didn't review more but I read the entire thing in 2 sittings so at least you get one for each visit =)
5/10/2003 c17 4Wylderaven
*sniffle* I'm at a loss. I'm glad I didn't read this at work.

I love you, too.

5/10/2003 c17 2Suntiki
Oh, I ran the gammit of emotions on this one. I'll have you know I read yours first :) I had to restrain gales of laughter over the part where you realize with chagrin that Connor didn't leave, as well.

I couldn't be more proud. Jareth finally had the opportunity to let us readers see some fragility, and the entire experience will add a new angle to his personality. Absolutely CAN'T wait to see what you will do next.

Love to YOU!

~Kallah F.O.
5/10/2003 c17 8TDL
Man, you made me cry, and that's something that I don't do very often, and it takes a great writer to bring that emotion out of me (i.e. Anne Mccaffrey, Annette Curtis Klause, The Tolkien (hehehe - when I thought Frodo was dead), you know, the Great One's). Keep up the good work, you truly are an inspiration. =)

Much love,

~Tabitha, The Mad Hatter
5/9/2003 c16 TDL
All good things come to an end. I hate that sentence only because it's so true. lol. Keep writing guys!

~Tabitha, The Mad Hatter
5/9/2003 c15 TDL
Good chapter, but I can't believe that there's only two more chapter's left and it's finished. Well, such is life I suppose. Keep up the good work. You'll have my attention to the very end.

~Tabitha, The Mad Hatter

"There are two words that men hate. 'Don't' and 'Stop', unless they are said in that cosecutive order." (LOL!)
5/9/2003 c15 4Wylderaven
*heh* Crow. Well, as with real life, you just leave things wide open for me to fill with either love, or scathing comments. Usually the latter, but this one i can't credit to me. Credit it to Crow and dedicate it to him. *heh* He visited you first afterall.

I'm dying for the next chapter, and yet, dreading it. I don't want this to end.

Love you.
5/9/2003 c14 Wylderaven
I couldn't do it without you. So give yourself just as much credit as you give me. I wonder HOW sappy and gooey we can get with each other in reviews and author's notes before our readers give up on us. ;)

You're brilliant, I never would have been able to finish this without you.
5/8/2003 c14 8TDL
All I have to say is that you better not kill my favorite character. See I have no life, so I live my life through the characters in the things I read, especially with those I relate to so much. And if you kill Jareth, THEN, and ONLY then will you have something to be afraid of. Otherwise, it was another great chapter from you guys. =D

Well, must be off. People to do, things to see. lol

~Tabitha, The Mad Hatter
5/7/2003 c14 shadow and light
Yipe! This has been an amazing, amazing story and it's not even done yet! Whee! Update really soon!

5/6/2003 c13 6fireintrouble
Yeah, I really don't know what to say, but am reviewing for the sake of reviewing, to boost your esteem, I have some thoughts bumbling around in my head, but I'm sure they will be explained later, so I won't ask them, I can hold off.
5/6/2003 c13 2Suntiki
Wow, the thrill of the hunt, the chills that literally toppled over themselves on the way down my spine. I think you have advanced dramatically in style and unique thoughts and descriptions. If Castle Rock doesn't recruit you, I'll be surprised.

Sorry for being so tardy in my reviewing!

I love you, Jerky Brother
5/6/2003 c13 8TDL

*jumps up and down, angry because she doesn't want to wait.*

OK, I'm gonna calm down now and try to be patient. Not an easy thing for me. So please, write more and post it soon!

~Tabitha, The Mad Hatter
5/6/2003 c13 4Wylderaven
speaking of Kallah, have you noticed that she has more reviews than us? You know WHY? IT's because WE review HER stories...funny, will she repay the favor? NO! The little LEO! *growl* ;)

Good transitional chapter,can't wait to see what comes up next, and I'm dying to know who's going to get to kill the bad guy. ;)
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