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for Behold the Heavens, and the Heaven of Heavens

4/30/2004 c1 6Twin Mustang
You have a lot to say about all this, don't you? Anyway, thanks for this essay thing because I have a friend who is atheist, and doesn't get all this Heaven and Hell thing, and this helped me explain it him better. ^^
6/25/2003 c1 And All That Could Have Been
After reading this, I have to say, GOOD JOB! I, being wiccan, was not offended at all, but, in a sense it made me understand your religion just a bit more, and that is very helpful, being as I know a little more about how to explain mine to someone who is christian. Some of what was in it I didn't understand, but that is of course because I do not practice the religion myself. Beautiful, and I am also going to applaud you in the fact, you did nothing to bash thoughs that do not show your views, you just spoke them clearly and I believe you are in deed a very talented writer.

Blessed Be

~ Kali
6/25/2003 c1 2Star-Daughter
Some of the formatting problems in this essay could be resolved if you save the essay in an html format. If you have a modern version of windows, this "version" could be chosen from a drop-down menu and would be the document name in lieu of txt-what I'm assuming this document was in when you uploaded it, due to the missing of indentions and the small, uniform block of text. If you wish I can try and dictate how to do as much for your future works (please tell me that there will be some! :D This was fabulous) or to re-post this essay. You have a lot to say, and you say it *very elequently*, but someone might be daunted by the format and quit only after a couple lines.

Side note: if you can't figure out how to format stuff but still want to get away from the "block-text" conundrum, try double entering (like the above.) Obviously you knew about this since you did so to seperate your A/N from the rest of your essay. A row of stars (*) will serve as a barrier seperating future A/N from future essays in this format so they will not be confused with your lead pararaph, and if the stars are not too numerous they will not be stripped during the upload.

Well met, my sister in Christ! Please continue with your writing, and let the Spirit guide you as you challenge the status quo.


Isaiah 30.19-21
5/24/2003 c1 Loganberry not logged in
Thanks for your comments about my review in your bio. What you say is perfectly consistent: I just don't happen to agree! =:)
4/15/2003 c1 27Loganberry
I might have missed something here, but that's your own fault for not spacing the paragraphs. However...

"My point is, if you don't like God now, you aren't going to like him any more 10,0 years from now." This really sums up the problem with your essay. You're taking it as read that God exists, and just arguing about what he may or may not do (or, to use your own form of words, allow to happen). So you're, quite literally, preaching to the converted.

It's no use using this sort of argument to try to convince a cynical old atheist (like yours truly), because the threats (implied or otherwise) of not getting an afterlife, for example, have on impact... because I don't believe in one to start with!

I wanted to be fascinated by this, but unfortunately, as with most religious essays (and that includes those from an atheistic POV), it rapidly degenerates into didactism. Which I suppose is the reason I'm not religious myself - I can't accept that there is anything "man should not wot of".

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