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10/29/2005 c11 16Santorini
Leave it to you to come up with something original. xP Lol.
5/6/2004 c10 21yanu
Proof that I am easily amused. This is hilarious. Haven't laughed so much in a long time. Yay.
April Thursday
4/6/2004 c10 32HanakinStarbuck
Reading all the crap that they've told you is starting to make me feel sorry for you. Crappy reviewers seem to gravitate toward you, don't they?
3/28/2004 c10 U-Know-Who
wow did people realy write that stuff...i liked all your story things...when i read a story that i dont like...i just dont reveiw it. maybe thats what u need to tell them!
tell them too damn bad!
i probally dont make much sense either but ...meh...what r ya gonna do
3/20/2004 c10 1Jet-sama
Yeah. I saw one of those gay reviews too. This story is so funny!
3/18/2004 c10 1Pepsi the Kid
Good on you... it's about time that some one points out how stupid some reviewers are... and it was hilariousl on top of it... Amazing how funny the truth can be.. Thanks for the laughs
3/2/2004 c9 27Asaras
HAH! This is the best!
10/13/2003 c9 3IcePrincess777
This is so funny! :) Oh, and Starbrat and AttackOfTheHappyMarshmallows, look who's talking. Read your own damn posts.
10/9/2003 c3 4crossed out words
I couldn't read the rest of these because they got too repetitive and pointless and boring. You sound like you're just pissed off because people don't like your work. Now, I can't speak for anything else you've written because I haven't read any of it, but based on what I've gotten from this, maybe you shouldn't.

["Shouldn't what?" I'll leave you to figure that out.]
6/5/2003 c8 Guest
hahaha i love this, it's great! people need to loosen up here, it's just a joke for crying out loud. sheeze they have no sense of humor and no life to just diss on this freakin funny crap
6/4/2003 c8 Starbrat
You are silly and immature - this is fiction, not your private rant board.
6/4/2003 c8 2Simply-Southpark
GO YOU! DISS THOSE PEOPLE WHO DON'T MAKE SENSE! ...oh, and I'm not SUPPOSED to make sense, so if I don't, don't sue me, kay? Anyways, MUWHAHAHAHAHA! YOU ROCK! And this is EXCELLENT! I wanna read more!

Your Easily Amused Friend,

6/4/2003 c7 3Da Muffity
Heh. I dunno if this should actually be on ff.net, but it is funny. I especially appreciate the way you can understand the humor about the Iraqi war. My humor has never really been torn apart and put down, but I have caught some flak over making jokes over the war.

People, learn to LAUGH.

I also find it vaguely hilarious that I have a story called "Nazi High" which makes fun of Nazi Germany, and I really didnt catch any flak over that.
5/6/2003 c7 2Negativity Battery
You're rightly criticizing people for the whole middle eastern business.
4/19/2003 c7 7John Ink
You should pepper your stories with disclaimers stating:

Please do not read if you are sane or have a history of saneness. Do not read if you are pregnate.

That should help a lot.
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