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for The Red Body

12/7/2000 c1 41Willum
A decent little mystery. Nicely written, it seems like part of a series, with other people introduced but not yet used.
12/1/2000 c1 11Kilroy
GOD! I can remember when this was one of my best works! I still like the idea though. Gonna take a lot of work... Chapters? This was supposed to be a novel. Wishful thinking. Why was this written by Harry Wolfe instead of Ryan Rose? A little pet peeve of mine. I just don't like it when a book or story is written in first-person, but the main character's name is different from the author's. All that stuff about cyanide is true. I saw it on the Discovery Channel. I've since found out that carbon monoxide does the same thing. There are probably millions of errors in this story. Remember, it's almost five years old. I was 14 when I wrote it.

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