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for Into a Black Hole

6/22/2008 c2 Arra
Uhm...I guess they managed to escape the black hole, hence the narration...
2/25/2004 c2 3MissChiaroscuro
don't leave cliffhangers!
2/25/2004 c1 MissChiaroscuro
arethusa's the nymph the river god alpheus chased. she became a fountain afterwards. right? hmm... maybe not. im not too good with memorizing.
nice story, btw
stories come from ppl's imagination. it is made because we are not content with life.
man is insatiable.
5/6/2003 c2 89Lyria Shard
Not as good as your other story, but still great, keep going.

5/5/2003 c2 43Jay Lee
Nicely done. I liked the intro more then the end. New favorite story.
4/28/2003 c2 28ChaoxAngel
*On the edge of my seat*

This part is exciting =D The idea of getting having your electrons stripped away from your atoms, then the atoms from your molecules WOOHOO this = atomatically dismembered... This is a pretty freaky. I like!


PS: maybe you're interested in my fiction as well... hehe
4/24/2003 c1 jetforce
Wireless communications travel slightly under the speed of light. It would take an absurd ammount of time for the computer to contact earth. Also scientests have been able to change the structure of atoms but it takes an absurd ammount of energy but this is solved in your story. Also this changing of the atoms would take an absurd ammount of time so that the people who ordered a capachino would be dead before it was made. But besides that this is a si-fi story and that means that the writer can do somthing like that because it is their story. I really like this story. please continue. I just like pointing out the flaws
4/23/2003 c1 ChaoxAngel
I really like the imaginativeness that you have... something I have lost quite sometime ago. :o)

Besides the thing about Philippines, that is a Pro-US country (So it should have joined the US) - anyway, that doesn't matter.

You're an imaginative writer, with lots of potential. Well done on this! Keep writing them. :o)

4/20/2003 c1 joan
nice story... it's good that you researched for this one... the philippines didn't join the US? ha... where did you come up with that? :) it's very good.. keep it up!

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