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for I don't eat meat so sue me!

3/20/2006 c1 Fellow-Vegetarian
Go vegetarianism! I've gotten some, er, interesting.. reactions when I've told people I'm vegetarian. It's great that you wrote this!Rachel
9/8/2005 c1 The Malefactor
This is really good essay. The solution to world hunger is really a distribution problem. The world produces enough food to feed the world. Your in great company too, because the greatest actor that ever lived is a vegetarian. That actor is James Arness, but you probably knew that.
3/19/2005 c3 20ErgoSchmergo
Yep! Studies show that even calcium isn't as needed once a kid reaches age 5 (respectively). Only a few doses here and there are required. The only reason I drink milk is because I like it! I'm not ashamed to admit that. Though, I don't understand what's so wrong about drinking milk from another animal. Vegans confuse me sometimes...hehe
3/19/2005 c2 ErgoSchmergo
oh and, the thing about meat now days, is that we use so many...I guess you could call them enhancers. If you buy meat that was processed at natural farms, where they don't have anything put into the animals food or anything, it's healthier. regular processed meat has so many add ins that it's becoming unhealthy.
3/19/2005 c1 ErgoSchmergo
First off, I'll state that I have a respect for vegetarians, vegans, or any of the like. Several of my closest friends have chosen one of the above lifestyles. This was a well structured essay, and it made the same arguments my buddies have. I myself eat meat. On this matter, I've found that vegetarianism (spelling?) is just another diet. You have to regulate it just like you would an omnivorous (am i just making up words here?) diet. Just as there are meat eaters who aren't physically fit, as there are vegetarians who aren't.

With the statistics, be careful on those. Statistics are so easy to manipulate, that you'd be better off without them.

I thoroughly (gah, spelling again?) enjoyed the fact that you didn't do the same, "killing animals is wrong" argument. There are soo many things I, and others, could say to argue against that.

About the whole, we evolved thing. Yes we did, because every animal looks for an easier way to live. Meat supplied us with a new vitamen (B12), while giving us greater amounts of other essentials in a smaller dose. Therefore, we adapted to make our life easier.

With the whole, we ate meat because we didn't have other resources. Look at the Native Americans. In essence, they were animals. They lived harmoniously (spelling again?) with nature, wasting not a bit. They had the resources to farm, so why did the plains Indians choose to hunt buffalo instead? On the primordial level, they chose to hunt instead of farm in a place that is now one of America's biggest farmland.

Just some points that have been brought up in conversations with my friends and me. We usually come to stale mates. Just like with almost anything that humans can dissagree about, it seems there is no right or wrong answer.
9/17/2004 c1 JohnWayneJr
I wish I could sue you for not eating meat. Hilter was a vegetarian, so you are in good company.
7/23/2004 c3 24katmonkey
I have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian for a while now and I must say that you are extremely pesuasive. You put forward good arguements in a well constructed essay. Well done.
7/3/2004 c3 7Ezelle
From reading both your comments to my essays and reading your essays, I've got to say that you are an extremely good persuasive writer. I don't know about other subjects, but when it comes to vegetarianism, you certainly seem to have researched it a lot. Very convincing writing, and it gives people a lot to think about. I myself like to write more satirical, moral and humorous papers, and find it hard to fit in facts without making it look like I just copy/pasted them in. Very well done.
Although I must say, I'm still eating my hamburgers...:)
6/14/2004 c3 74LordK
This is very good. More people should be informed that eating meat is not a required thing for a healthy or balanced diet. And being a vegetarian can help in this fast-food culture. Because I'm a vegetarian, I can generally escape the whole fast-food health trap. (Super Size Me is a good example of what fast food can do to the body) Also, the use of the quotes was perfect.
6/14/2004 c1 LordK
I saw this and I had to read it. No matter how much people disagree, they always seem to have something in common. That's why there's no excuse for intolerence in this world. Yup, I'm a vegetarian too, and have been since I was about two. I've known a lot of people who have changed thier diets to become vegetarians, and I think it really helps thier health. It would be interesting to see the health of my reletives that are vegetarians and those that aren't as they have very similar genes, but different eating habits. Anyway, great examples, I'm obviously not going to argue with any of it, as I agree with basically all of it. Hmm... I suppose I'll have to give an actual review now... well, it was a very good essay.
6/4/2004 c1 1Katsuhiro
I certainly can't fault your facts lass, and, my own personal preference for meat aside, it's a well structure essay.
But I find it dry. Extremely dry. Like boiled lettuce. Only drier. Sometimes illustrative, comical impressions, even generalisations can be used to relieve the innate seriousness of an issue. It's important not to bore your reader, and by being a little more fun and a little less austere the inherent quality of this essay would be rendered all the more persuasive. Saying "You are wrong for the following 486 reasons," might make for a logical (and in this case accurate) arguement, but it wont grab your reader by the short and curlies, so to speak.
My own problem is that I'm too much enamoured with comical stereo-types and hyperbole, and this leads in turn to wild generalisations: a balance of both styles seems the ideal solution. Perhaps one day I'll be wise enough to employ the intelligence of your arguements with the colour of my own.
5/24/2004 c1 5Writer Saa
I've never heard it presented quite like this.
XD Very interesting. I'm going to have to do some reading, but you have some really, really good points. And it's well written, too, which makes me happy. ^^ Thankyou~!
4/20/2004 c1 Farasha
I've been considering going vegetarian for a long time, given that my personal belief system conflicts with eating animals. But I'm too lazy to go get protien substitutes, plus I have no willpower. ^.^
But I loved your essay, it was very well set up and well-presented. You had some excellent points.
1/17/2004 c1 flierdeke
Very nice! The lame joke part is *so* true... I just got back from a bus ride full of the timeless favorites, "Do vegans eat animal crackers?", "If you were stuck on a desert island and there was no vegetation, just you and a knife and a steady supply of cows...", and "But if we didn't eat meat, the animals would take over the world!"
Anyways, well-argued. Just be careful of simplified statistics - sometimes people will think that if they can disprove a statistic you've used, they've disproved your argument!
Good job. (:
10/8/2003 c1 Tiefling
The Zaniak- I did have a look at that Maddox guy's site. He made a good point, ie. that some vegetarians get overly self righteous and preachy about their diet (something I try not to do), but the Guiltelss Grill article is unecessarily agressive and a little light on facts. Did you also read the PETA's response to it?

AquaNeptune312- you do not need to worry about protein deficiencies with a vegetarian diet.

Thanks to all for reviewing!
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