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for Tears In The Rain

4/16/2004 c1 7psychelock
nice poem-so full of emotion.
"i stand by myself in the rain
so no one can tell apart the pain" - i really loved that line. xD
9/15/2003 c1 13falling-teardrops
It's lovely! And so sad...*sniff*...I love your descriptions!
9/8/2003 c1 3Renn
*_*...wah. Beautiful. I so love the rain and poems telling of the feelings it brings, especially angst poems...
5/4/2003 c1 42ninja-kitty
Wow. That was really good.

I wish I could write this good.
4/18/2003 c1 BLav527
wow...that was really deep. Extremely well written too. Great work! :)
4/18/2003 c1 25Blue6-Blood66
wah nice, nice, nice! I love the rhymes, waah it's just so emotional... *sniff* I like the last two lines especially. good job, indeed.
4/17/2003 c1 102firemounrain
-from the raindrops.


i like it when the last phrase is unsaid, and it comes from the reader's mouth instead of yours.
4/17/2003 c1 greenbug67 too lazy to log in
Good poem. I like it. :)
4/17/2003 c1 nameless face
...i like..."yet i don't want to get out of this mess"...strange isn't it how people can turn our lives upside down but still we don't want to leave them...this is all really good

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