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10/7/2003 c1 The Black Rider
~~ All fans of the great Princess Mulan should visit the following site on information to discover her whereabouts: w.helpfindprincessmulan.0catch.com. So far poems dedicated to the Haiku mistress are being accepted at the site. The e-mail address is there if you wish to do so. Thank you. ~~
8/23/2003 c1 19Morncreek
I hope your holiday was great, too. What a perfect picture of Easter.
7/14/2003 c1 Strayct
I hate flamers, they dont have the guts to leave there name...

I for one liked it, it's cheery and happy, I reminds me of happy times when I was a kid, not that we had rabbits or chicken (chicks?)

you are a very good writer


6/14/2003 c1 200Ashes of a Willow
how cute! :)
4/27/2003 c1 24Silver Silk
haha, thats so cute! Happy easter to you too!
4/25/2003 c1 28soulspring
cute haiku, i love the sheer innocence in it. belated happy easter wishes.
4/25/2003 c1 2oldladiesrus
that was simple and sweet

it reminded me of when i was a child

keep up the good work!

and happy easter!
4/25/2003 c1 43Carter Tachikawa
Not a bad haiku at all. Don't listen to the person flaming you. Her two year old niece could probably write a better review than she can. Oh yeah, and happy Easter. Keep it up.

4/25/2003 c1 47Dave500
good poem. i can't read chinese so i can only read those that are in english
4/24/2003 c1 8glitterjewele
that was adorable and so very good! i felt like i was kinda transported to a spring day so i could watch them. :P the whole dance with yellow chick thing was awesome. hehehe now i have this sudden mysterious craving for a peep . . . :P when i read this i smiled and i love haikus that make me do that. if the rest of them are like this one (and i intend to read them shortly) i'm afraid i'll have to become another ardent advocater of your reputation as Haiku Goddess/Queen of Haikus. tough choice, goddess or queen . . . lol well, i most certainly enjoyed this. *loud applause* great haiku, thanks for posting it! kudos!
4/22/2003 c1 15Isay
That was cute! Happy Easter to you too. ^_^
4/22/2003 c1 39Janne Doe
Aw... how cute! Easter at its best!

Trinity Heart
4/22/2003 c1 19Aftertaste of a Razorblade
Hehehe. Aw. That's such a cute haiku. I love it.

Happy Easter yourself :) Even though I'm a little late...
4/22/2003 c1 A fan
Yes, it is cute. Happy (late) Easter.

Don't listen to the lousy cumbucket flaming you. He/she is obviously an adult but has no manners whatsoever. What is wrong with cute poetry, hmm? And if you're admanant about giving criticism, why don't you give some? Whining and bitching like that sure as hell isn't going to make anyone take you seriously. And it's really none of your business how old Princess Mulan is. Your stupid flame makes me laugh. Congratulations, you are one of the most idiotics people I have met. Learn some respect, asshat.

Sorry for the intrusion. We got back to our regularly scheduled reviewing.
4/22/2003 c1 TheBenchWench Sunkist
What the hell are you writing? That is not poetry...and no it's not cute. Fictionpres was created for aspiring writers who wish for constructive criticism to further their work. NOT HALLMARK CARDS DESIGNED BY FOUR YEAR OLDS. I don't see how people can leave you good reviews for this. What is this? Maybe, MAYBE, if it was an actual Easter poem - but this is what my niece, my two year old niece, would write. There's more depth to life than what you're writing. How old are you?
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