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for The Twins

3/7/2004 c1 DarkDepression
Hey that was awsome! As were your other stories. And...I have NO suggestions whatsoever. Because even if I did...they probably wouldn't be very good. ^_^ And thank you for your suggestions...without flaming me.
1/25/2004 c2 9Sir Exal
Oh... come on, continue! I'm looking foward to this. Work on the titles a little.
12/26/2003 c2 6chickamoomoo
I like this chapter. I like how the story goes, but surely you're not finished! But I like it, though, I was hoping that Jim might have a point... It eems like he should have had more to do... But it's still great!
10/16/2003 c1 7Alareic
Sup dude! great story, and thanks for reviewing Red Mile! I think that the story is a bit gruesome, but it is a good start. Sorry for this but...


Thanks dude, great story!
10/1/2003 c1 3Yesterday and Today
That is a good beginning to a sick and twisted story. I hope you finish it, and it turns out well.
6/2/2003 c1 6chickamoomoo
OOh... Creepy... Keep up the great work!
5/27/2003 c1 17Wingless Fairy
That was creepy! I hope you're planning on posting more, cuz it seems to be a really interesting plot. Write more soon! Thanx! Tata
5/23/2003 c1 62BloodBrother
Well, the idea is great. Gruesome. The grammar wasn't that good however, and could use some editing.

As I said, the idea you have going is great for a horror story, but I think you gave a little too much leading up to the thing, and not enough focusing on the surgeon and the twins themselves.

Unless you plan on making this a chapter story, otherwise I'd suggest just cleaning up the writing a little.

Thanks for reviewing "The Library" too! I'll check out some of your other stuff when I get the chance.
5/17/2003 c1 Courtney
Wow please continue this is awsome! By the way thank you for reviewing my story
5/10/2003 c1 IrishVampire13
Gosh, thanks for the review; I thought "Rubber Man" kinda sucked, and that was why I hadn't updated it. Well, I'll see what I can do. :-)

Hey, BTW, this looks pretty cool. Peace!
5/7/2003 c1 3Nevah Mynd
This is a really great beginning. Can't wait to read more!
5/5/2003 c1 1Spiked With Cyanide
Interesting. I like the way you kept it hanging but not quite at the end. Really good, keep writing. Thanks for the review.
5/5/2003 c1 jamieDoran
I really like the premise, it works well, just needs some work. for one thing, your punctuation bugs the hell out of me, so you really need to wait a day after writing a new chapter, so you can read it over, when it's not 'hot off the press'.

All in all, your writing style is good, needs to mature a LOT, but then that's normal. I suggest you experiment with diff categories, and play around.

good writing,

4/18/2003 c1 randomness
DUN DUN DUUN!this is interesting, spooky, and that guy is definitely weird.cant wait to read more.

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