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5/9/2006 c1 270mlc11
that was one of the best i've read. very original. i'm sure you're tired of hearing that word, but there it is. *adding to favorites*
2/26/2005 c1 Yutaan
*huggles story* NO! DON'T DELETE YOURSELF! YOU'RE ADORABLE! Excellent job, Mr. Mage. Brilliant and highly original. *goes off to review every story she sees* AND FUNNY!
3/28/2004 c1 Agathy
Whew, it's so early (late) in the morning that I could barely remember my e-mail address for the signin page =P Anyway, this was an awesome one-shot! I almost wish I'd had the idea before you did, but I'm glad someone wrote about this. Seeing all of the wonderful stories that get three or fewer reviews per chapter makes me so sad...really, it does. Anyway, I love the fact that this is written from an inanimate object's point of view...great job. Please continue writing!
11/23/2003 c1 Eckrice
Haha that is AWESOME! That is so funny! Fabulous, Amazing. I've never seen it that way before, haha thats soo cool.

May your onions stay sweet

-Eckrice of Rell
11/17/2003 c1 4LilGrimmy
I love it! That was the most original thing I've seen to date, but I'm still searching, always searching for the one that got away. Excellent work, you bloody brilliant fool you.
11/10/2003 c1 11Ranting Akumas
Wow. I am just amazed at how original this is. I may have only been browsing fanfiction.net/fictionpress.com for half a year, but this is the most original fic I've ever read. o.o

Great job! I'm off to see if you've written any other brilliant pieces. :D

Hehe, I also empathize with the grammar mistakes stuff. I'm very good with grammar, but sometimes I make stupid mistakes and miss them...Which is why I reread the newest chapter I wrote for a story called Hero in the Shadows! ^_^ Now, if only my partner in cri-*ahem* writing was able to upload (or wanted to, for that matter).

Wow, this has to be the longest review I've ever written. And I don't write reviews often. Feel special! ^_^ *huggles the story*

11/10/2003 c1 6Ahrar Nighthammer
Hey, that was pretty good!

I found this on Morbane's favorites list. And I liked it. It's really inventive. And it has a note of decided sadness to it. Good job. This is really good.

10/25/2003 c1 7Lightness
aw... *gives story a hug*. lol. that was cute/funny/great. very original. and by the by, theoretically, pens actually can help you when youre mugged. you could like, poke the guys eye out. or stuff it up his nose. or stuff it up his ear. or up his butt. or maybe stick it down his throat. se.. soo many ways. :P. kay, im just not gonna say anything anymore.
6/28/2003 c1 7Kaoru Camui
haha! that was really very interesting... poor story~ *patpats* there, another review! XD
6/18/2003 c1 71QueenOfTheUniverse
I have to say, this story really made me smile! I loved the idea here! It's so unique! And I have to say, I wonder the same thing about my stories and poems that never get reviewed. The pen might not be able to help when you're being mugged, but the pen is still mighty!
6/8/2003 c1 3Pallas Wolf
I can empathize wholeheartedly - as can many a story of mine, I'm sure. *sheepish expression*

Loved the ending line. ^^
4/28/2003 c1 64not sure yet
um, cute i guess and different, defintely not inspiring or heartfelt, but do know that its frustrating to not get reviews
4/25/2003 c1 4DragonShimmer
*giggles* That was so cute! I feel bad fo the poor story. Here is another review to make it feel better! I like you, Story, and some of mine know exactly how you feel!

4/21/2003 c1 32Morbane
Absolutely brilliant. It's going on my Fave Stories list. There you go, story, cheer up!

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