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for Statutory rape: When I start to fake

4/10/2004 c1 31Justokre
Very sad... I hope its not happening to you...
9/8/2003 c1 4eth

This is very strong and emotional. Woah.

8/18/2003 c1 ex-angel too lazy to log in
whoa...whoa whoa whoa. i am so sorry that this has happened to you...sex is something that you're supposed to share with someone special. i hope that you got out of that situation. the poem is beautifully written, and i'm impressed with your courage to write this. best wishes~
8/5/2003 c1 64not sure yet
wow, i really hope this isnt true, very painful and vivid poem, muchly love this, truly, excellent job
6/19/2003 c1 39TL Demeter
I truly hope that this is pure fiction (from where You stand).

I kinda remember reading something like this before... the world is cruel what else could I say?

This poem,... well it brings out a lot of true statements and issues... (but you won't believe how weird it is to read it and listen to "rape me" in the background) The freakish-kinky side of me likes it, the phycologist want's to take it to class up for a discussion, overall, yeah, I like it!

TL Demeter

PS. Again I really-really hope it's pure fiction!

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