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6/5/2005 c1 3Heart of sunshine
That was so cute, funny and original. Good song!

7/23/2002 c1 1mercuryfan24
It may be a little unrealistic in an idealistic sense, but I usually like those sorts of things. This is good.
6/27/2001 c1 18Selena Benilo
I loved it! This was very good!
4/16/2001 c1 Avril
Ooh, I like! Very nice. ^-^
3/29/2001 c1 4Unicraze
Cute storyline, and in a good format for itself. It works nicely. :)
1/29/2001 c1 17kawaii-kiwi
hmm..yes indeed too sappy for me...but it was good write
12/6/2000 c1 Paul9
I'm not a girl, so I really don't know if that could happen, but it has a girlish charm to it. Me like it.



12/2/2000 c1 Six
hehehe... that was cute... although random guys at parties scare me (but if you went to the parties i did, you would be scared, too)... very cool : )
12/2/2000 c1 Lila
Oh my DAVIS! So goood! :) YES I have! And damn well proud of it too! Magnifique! Excellent! And you dedicated it to me! You RULE! If I ever post anything it's yours! `glomps` Gooood moooore!
12/2/2000 c1 V-Star
12/2/2000 c1 Mo-Mantai
Good thing I managed to venture out of the Digimon section! I thought you said you couldn't write a song to save your life? That was pretty damn good if you ask me!
12/2/2000 c1 ArticusFrost87
Umm, ^_^ Cool LOL none the less, pretty good!
12/2/2000 c1 Sachiko
Lila is so going to love it. Damn, where'd you get the last line to the stanza before the last? I like! I like lots! Great work, blah. Why can't I write like this? Blah. Good song, in all. Uplifting and all. Byeeee!
12/2/2000 c1 1Mercury
^-^ Heehee, that was one of the most ineteresting things I've ever read! I thought it was cool, though...I can't really think of anything else to write, I just ranted through a lot of e-mail (one of which went to you...now you're scared, I bet!) and I'm out of words! But I liked this and it was cute/cool.
12/2/2000 c1 23Rb
Aww, how cute!

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