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for All About You Part II

7/18/2020 c17 6Polished Gem
Being a bit of a deep person myself, when she started liking Devon in the first book, I was like hell no! You can do better than that. His lack of perceptiveness, his shallowness, and his tendency to date manipulative ladies and not be able to see behind the curtain really turned me off. Before Ashton really came into the picture, I liked Ryan as an option for Sophie because he was able to identify with her where Devon was clueless and stuck on himself. But then you turned Ryan into a bit of a player, so then I thought nah! Still too immature for a relationship. Then when Ashton came into the picture, I started thinking “That one!” I mean, what friend buys, fixes up, and gives a car to their friend? In a way, I think it’s realistic that you dragged their story out into uni, because what high school student really knows what they want? It was fitting that there was a sequel because I wouldn’t want her to end up with Devon in the end after all he put her through. I couldn’t help shaking my head at the double standard that is Devon...getting mad at her for supposedly kissing Ashton in the first book to turning around and cheating on her in the second. I know you weren’t happy with Ashton because you thought him too perfect, but he did have some character flaws, such as his inability to open up to Sophie the way she opens up to him. He felt real to me. I felt Marsha may have been a bit too understanding, though. I do agree with you that the ending was kind of abrupt, but all in all, nice job! You started this project at 13! Good on you! That’s a feat in and of itself! Who knows, you might even be a published author by now!
Btw, sorry for the long review. Your story just made me think.
9/14/2016 c17 anhimals
I read All About You part I and II today. I am glad Sophie and Ashton ended up together. Thank you for writing both stories :)
8/5/2016 c17 Guest
Well... The end was kinda disappointing.

Like, really disappointing for me, it's just so weird.

I wanted Sophie to end with Ashton but first he sais she likes other girl and then come back and... It looks so forced \('-')/

I was expecting something more exciting but at least she end with Ashton :)

Not trying to hurt anyone with this review, contructive not destructive :3
12/22/2015 c17 5mysterygirl450
Favorite character: ASHTON! So sweet.
Favorite scene: The ending. Cause Sophie and Ashton FINALLY got together.
Why I read this: I found All About You, it sounded interesting, and I got hooked
Why I liked it: You captured all the moments of a relationship and you portrayed it as it would be in reality.
1/7/2015 c17 3Unless-52
Oh my gosh this storryyyyy! I was so mad in the first part when I thought you were going to make Sophie end up with Devon! From the beginning I wanted her with Ashton haha. I swear you had me on edge these entire two parts thinking they were not going to be end up together I'm so happy with the ending!
1/4/2015 c17 lilcarellijohn
I absolutely Loved it
5/27/2014 c17 Guest
This might be long but when i saw this on i didn't really think i would like it, but i was so wrong. you are such a good writer! Its amazing. i hated devon, but everyone doesn't like at least one character of a book. and this is what it is. a book, its so long and has proper grammar, and has such good detail, and its not short in the least. Honestly part 1 and 2 were better than most books that ive read. You have such in depth characters and honestly i don't even know what to say. Just know that you are such a gifted writer and i hope you keep writing because it makes me, and everyone very happy. lol. selfish me, unless you dont love it, but i think you do, with how much you really wanted to know how people liked it, and not liking chapters over others. if you want to be a writer you can do it and you should. But i think you already are one. Thanks for submitting won't forget this story.
4/17/2014 c1 1twiinklex
I love this story so much, I keep coming back to re-read it every now and then. Team Ashton forever and ever since the beginning.
4/15/2014 c17 2Neverland.dream
Okay. Once again, I hate you. So much for the ending the story. haha. Ashton, my love, is just too adorable. I love the ending by the way. Although I did like the last paragraph of the previous chapter but I like that you added this chapter. It made me feel content and now I can go back to my life and not read any stories for awhile. Since as you might have figured, I have been addicted for the past week now. (Not sleeping just to finish a story and the like)

Anywho, thank you once more for writing this awesome story and making Sophie and Ashton together. Hihi!

I hope you are able to read this even if you had already finished this story a gazillion years ago. :)

4/10/2014 c1 jyottoor
Love this story I have read 5 times :D
2/12/2014 c17 PoshKimberlee
So glad you made this for Ashton and Sophie to be together cause I was over the Devo relationship Soon as he got back with bhren or w.e her name was in the first story and you annoyed when Marsha random ass came back and stole Ashton when I wanted AS;
11/24/2013 c17 FeelingPeachy
I love this story and Im so sad it's ending. I ship Ashton and Sophie since the beginning! xD
10/21/2013 c17 1leavesfallingup
Don't know if you are still reading reviews, but I just powered through both stories and wanted to write something to you.
First of all, it is about time. I was never happy matching up Sophia and Devon. Devon is the type of oblivious man who can never make a good woman happy for the rest of their lives together. I've known his type. His ego needs stroking... and that means being desired and pursued. His type can always justify cheating.

Ryan was a man-whore, but he was open about it and he always chose girls who knew, accepted, and wanted that. They were were into mutual self-gratification. Nobody got hurt.

Ashton, on the other hand, was a person who truly cared. I couldn't accept the idea that they were so close and yet he never developed feelings for Sophia. It just didn't work. So the final chapters of the first story and the conclusion of this story finally felt right. Sophia might make foolish decisions, but those decisions were never self-serving. She deserved someone who would cherish her. Thanks for all of your hard work.
9/22/2013 c17 Guest
When I read the first part of 'All about you' I had immensely enjoyed it, It was a really unique concept and right mix of humour, romance and drama, and the characters in a way seemed so real to me which I liked very much however the part I found lacking was the male lead, Devon. Now don't get me wrong, on his own he seemed okay to me, likable even but with Sophie he just didn't click - in other words there was no spark, that topped with the fact that he was a complete jerk to her just made him so glaringly unsuitable for her that I couldn't get myself to root for them and Instead I found myself rooting for Ashton and Sophie, yes I was rooting for them hardcore and I was so disappointed when they didn't happen, there was just so much chemistry between them you know, and I always felt as if there was more to their relationship than you are portraying. You may have not done it deliberately but you had wrote their relationship in a way that seemed lot more deeper than just friendship, with his protectiveness over Sophie and just his behavior in general around her, even with Martha in the scene just screamed 'love' but then I had to shake myself out of the fantasy world I was living in and made myself believe that I was just reading too much into things, but then I came across this story and I screamed - literally screamed like a banshee, I was so deliriously happy! and I thought "OMG, I was right. I was so effin right" so it'll be pretty obvious that although I adored the first installment of All about you, the second installment is my favourite simply because my favs got to be together and because you gave them such a beautiful story, and also because It just proved my self evaluation right that Devon was simply not for her.
7/19/2013 c4 Leemin
You have good stories, but when I look at this it feels like you just spend most of the time writing back to reviews instead of actually writing a story
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