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for All About You Part II

7/5/2011 c17 Lostforever
Hey, I know u wrote this story a while back but recently just went and read both part one and two.

Your story is really great. So the answers to the questions:

Fav character is Ryan (adorable)

Fav scene is when Devon goes and tells Sophie that he's not good enough for her

I definitely liked the story. I am a sucker for romance stories though I love humor in it too so this story definitely fit that criteria.

Something I didn't like about this story is that Devon didn't end up with Sophie. I know he was a complete jerk but for some reason I like his character more; more depth in his then in Ashton's (I feel). And this whole thing seemed to start with Devon and I guess I wasn't too happy that he didn't end up with Sophie.

Well that's just my opinion. Anyways don't get the wrong idea that I don't like Ashton because I do, I just like Devon a bit better. :)
5/3/2011 c17 Alanisaur
I love this story too.. But I feel as if their are too many ,, 'loose ends'... You know.? It went from like one thing to another and all confusing ad stuff. But I like the idea/ maybe plot,
4/26/2011 c17 mon
Loved your story!
3/12/2011 c17 Kainat
wow I loved AAY and just finished reading AAYP2 and I loved this one even more..I discovered this story 6 years later but better late than never :)

My favorite character was 'Ryan' of course! He's such a sweetheart I wish I had a friend like Ryan he's such a life saver I think everyone needs a Ryan in their life.

My favorite scene was when Sophie got the letters in a box I got butterflies in my stomach just by reading that part 1278 letters.

I really liked 'AAY' when I first stumbled upon it, then decided to read this one too..and realized after reading this I liked Sophie&Ashton more and more than Sophie&Devon.

I don't know I just liked it, I guess the real reason was because we all have or see sophie in ourselves? maybe. I don't know maybe if sophie was a valley girl type of character I wouldn't have bothered reading it. I don't know that's just my opinion.
12/26/2010 c17 Warrior-Princess06
'Hey there! :)) I just finished reading all the chapters for straight hours except for the chapters 1-5..hehe..i'm done reading them in the prequel..! :)) Actually, I didn't know that there was a sequeal for ALL ABOUT YOU..it's a good thing that i checked it in your profile..hehe.! :)) Well, What can i say? I LOVE IT! Ashton and Sophie..kyaa..they're perfect for each other.! :))Ashton is nice and better than Devon! I still hate Devon and I love Ryan and Marsha too..hehe.! :)) Anyways, I enjoy reading this great fic.! :)) Until next time.! :))
12/12/2010 c11 2AndSoItBegins
Pshh, I don't care who Ashton slept with

My heart still belongs to him
11/20/2010 c17 8mixed signals
Aww loved it! :) So glad that ashton and sophie ended up together. Great job :) I loved reading it.

~mixed signals
9/10/2010 c17 16mizgardenia21
I loved this! I read the first one and was like Oh noes! She ended up with that jerk Devon (although he's not too bad just incredibly self absorbed) and then I saw this and the ending was really real. I liked it immensely.
8/7/2010 c17 5Cecily Mitchell
So, I have finally made it through the whole story and the continuation. First let me say that I loved the poll. I wish that I had found this story early enough to participate but alas, I wasn't even aware of fp at that time :(. My vote was split between Ashton and Jon the ice cram counter guy btw.

Alright here we go:

Favorite character

That's easy, I love Sophie adorable mess, and Ryan is a close second. Actually, all of them are dear to me even Devon. Although Breigh was pretty messed up in the head.

Favorite scene:

For the story, I have two. The first one is when she's fawning over Ashton's busted lip. The second one is when she first scores free ice cream. I love ice cream

For the continuation: I love the beginning scene when Ashton comes back into her life. For a second I was scarde that Griff was a love interest because I so wanted them to be aware of the love they were already sharing.

Why you read this: I love romantic stories. And clueless oblivious girls. Makes for a fun interesting read

Why you liked this, if you liked it: See above plus the story was very well-written and had a nice flow. Beautiful

Why you didn't like this, if you didn't like it

This is simply not applicable to me :)

Thanks for taking the time to share your talent!
6/13/2010 c17 1Candescence
I love this ending so much better than the last one. Don't get me wrong, but I just didn't like Devon at all in the first installment, nor this one. He just got annoying. But, then there was Ashton...And we all know how that turns out. He's so much better for her and he deserves her too. And, as you can tell, he's my fav character.

The ending did seem a bit rushed, but that's alright. And I did feel as if the first part with Sophie/Devon did drag out quite a bit. In my opinion, this second one is so much better. :)
6/13/2010 c10 Candescence
Sophie is so BLIND! If I were her I would've mauled Ashton already :) Haha, jk...
5/16/2010 c17 chantra
love your story.

i read the first part first but i didn't read the last chapter.

devon is alright, it's not often that that kind of character is the lead...i mean, he's a bit simple-minded..hehe..but he's sweet and i'm sure there's some other girl that is good for her but Ashton's character just somehow overshadows his...

Ashton is just perfect..hehe..even in part 1 i really like him so i'm happy that part 2 was all about him and sophie..

i like sophie too..i like her name.."wisdom"...

she's good for Ashton..

and Ryan is great! he's a great friend. he actually knows when to say things and when to keep quiet and let things happen..

he's really great..i want a friend like him..

thanks for sharing the story.
4/23/2010 c17 Psycho-Troll
I love your All About You the first part and this sequel. It made me cry. I felt sorry for Sophie in part one. I like Ashton better than Devon. He's a nice guy.
3/8/2010 c17 Dwindling Fire
my favourite charactere was Ashton, no doubt. and i suprisingly liked the main girl, which i usually dont in some books because they make her totally insecure without a man...but you pulled it off xD

Cant say i had a fav scene, just that i loved it all, and all the parts when Ash would comfort her or be there for her or just say/think really adorable things
3/7/2010 c10 Dwindling Fire
As sweet as John seems to be, i think its time for her to get with Ashton once and for all :L
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