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for All About You Part II

1/12/2010 c17 3strawberrycrush
Favorite Character- Ashton..!

Favorite Scene- The waffle cone scene..

Why i liked the story- Because its likeable, lovely, beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, cliche, sappy, Epic, Gripping..also because i love Ashton..and for me Sophie and Devon were wrong for each other..because i like your writing style nd coz i could relate to the characters...!

Did i mention the story was awesome..?..wonderful..?..

Also, because i like Ryan...!..and Sophie..! :)
12/18/2009 c17 omnomnomnom
Okay...i have to admit at first i was slightly pissed that she didn't have your happily ever after with Devon, because it seemed like they were the long, happy marriage with dozens of grandkids and stuff. But i loved this ending. And honestly i guess it's more realistic that her high school sweet heart wasn't the one...like sometimes it's meant to be, and sometimes it's not. But it made me feel better when Devon still loved her, but she realized that he was not good for her. And what can i sure her and Asher are just down right cute together. i can't believed he wrote one thousand letters to her! its too sweet. anyway great story!
12/10/2009 c17 1HeartsOfDiamonds
Oh my gosh. This is probably one of the best stories i've read! Sorry about the last review by the way, i didn't realise there was a part 2. I really love the ending, great story.
10/5/2009 c17 joggi
AW the ending it so cute! XD loved the story! i don't really like drama, but i couldn't stop myself from reading this :D It was just so good! XD Hope you'll write another story soon! :)

- Love joggi
8/25/2009 c17 3psycho angel
That was so beautiful.

totally awesome!

I really just love Ashton.

glad she ended up with him!

awesome story!
7/26/2009 c1 ilovemangoes06
I love this story. Much better than Part I, I think. Ashton is by far my favorite character, although I am a little surprised at how Devon turned out. I never really liked him that much though, so it's all good. Ryan's awesome too. Good job on the story! Definitely one of my favorites. :)
7/25/2009 c7 TemptedByLaNuit
THANK YOU for bringing Ashton back! I was hoping you'd do that. Now, as long as she doesn't fall for Devon again, we're good to go.


I wish Ashton was real, *those* guys are hard to come by...
7/13/2009 c17 Gris bray
hi~~ i knw ur done with the story and all, but i jst had to tell u abt it. ur story is like the best story i've read in fictionpress. i really really enjoyed it. :D i like all ur characters.

i read 'All About you part 1' first though. :) i had fun reading that story too, but i have to admit i have been a die-hard Ashton ever since u first intoduced him in ur story. so i realy wanted an alternate ending, but i have to admit this is was the best ending one could hope for sophie and Ashton :)sometimes i have the feeling that relationships that start after 18 last longer than petty highschool relatioships most fo the time..

I started reading this story cause i am sucker for romance, but then after reading a few chapters and all that i realized that this story is diff from others..so i was totaly glued to it and finished it. And i like romance between two best frinds..cause it always turns out to form a stronger relationship when compared to others.

my fav charater has always been Ashton, i even like him more than shopie. i nevr like Devon that much anyway. heh sry.. Ashton is such an awesome character..sometimes he makes me wonder if ppl like him really do exist..

my fav sceen was when Ashton walked into sophie's appartment and herd her talking to ryan and asking him wat he thinks abt her chances with Ashton, and Ashton's misuderstanding about sophie liking ryan. :DD its my fav cause its really crazy how two ppl could knw eachother so well, for so long, and still not be able to detect their undying lve for eachother..

anyway, ur an awesome writer and i wish u good luck with all the other stories that u will be writing..:D

4/4/2009 c17 3DarkGoddess3
One of my new top favorites. I loved it. They finally got together. Yipe! I love Ashton. Ryan is awesome too (gotta Love em). I really thought they were never going to get together and I am very glad that you wrote the sequel because I didn't think that she was right for Devon. She was always Ashton's!
3/30/2009 c17 music-is-love10
I just found this story, and at first I was a little confused with your characters because ( and you said this in one of your A/N's earlier) you made Devon look dumb and Sophie was just kind of..odd in my mind. (but, i've grown to love her). Also, I must say that over the course of this story your writing style has greatly improved, so just as i was about to give this story up, i decided to wait it out in hopes of it getting better. And get better it did! I can't pinpoint WHEN exactly your style changed and matured, but it did. Anyways, I am a HUGE Ashton/Sophie fan so I was THRILLED at this alternate ending (to be honest, in my mind its the ONLY ending). But, to answer your questions

Fav Character: Ashton (i love the bad boy character)

Favorite Scene: This one at the end.

Why I liked it: Because Sophie, though a little dramatic and odd was.. infectutious and i always wanted to know what her next move was going to be. I have to admit, I really didn't like the abuse she took from Breigh, but it made for an interesting plot line. But, above all, i liked it because i love ashton and sophie :)

great story!
3/3/2009 c17 1whatcouldpossiblygowrong
k, lets try this again...

loved it btw

just read the whole damn thing... :P

Favorite character

ASHTON! its little bit weird admitting your in love with a fictional character, but i am, its kind of like loving Mr Darcy...

Favorite scene

any time when the words "ran his hand through his hair" were written...damn, that drives me nuts, any guy who does that is just begging to be jumped on...wow i am really weird...soz lol

Why you read this

t'was recommended by another author...for good reason

Why you liked this, if you liked it

sohpie is a little bit like me, and Ashton is seriously PURFECT...hehe sucker for the bad boys

Why you didn’t like this, if you didn’t like it

Devon pissed me off...no love lost there...

YES I AM A BIT LATE WITH MY REVIEW, but if you dont like it..suck it up.

lookin forward to reading the next one :P


2/20/2009 c17 mei
I'm done! good story.
2/20/2009 c15 mei
it's about gd time!
2/20/2009 c14 mei
they were such good friends from before hand I'm glad they're friends again
2/20/2009 c13 mei
darn you sophie for ruining a great moment!
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