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for Unexpected Warrior

5/12/2003 c9 Lucius Clowes
I love this storrie! ^_^
4/23/2003 c6 Kenri

You actually dreamed the theme song. (Which was cool, BTW) Anyway, can't wait to see what happens next.

4/22/2003 c6 8Snowfall's Silence
...And your story continues to be fun! ^^ I particularly liked the singing of the theme song in chapter 4.

Senshi: This place should be on fire right now!

He... Hehehehe...
4/21/2003 c1 Kenri
Wow. I like it! It should be a real game! ^_^ I like it when people write their dreams and turn them into stories. There's always so much... originallity!
4/20/2003 c1 AF1
Hey Dragon, your dream was pretty interesting... How'd you manage to remember all of that and put it into a story? Haha, anyway I like it, so continue on!
4/20/2003 c3 Snowfall's Silence
I really have no problems with people writing things about in script mode - As long as you're *consistant*.

-Senshi had been trying to sleep...However, this lightning storm was going on for quite a while...His room was almost completely dark, except for when lightning flashed...- Notice the first sentence is in a completely different tense than the second. Stick to one tense. And if you're going to have the descriptions in-between asterisks, put all of them in-between asterisks or don't put any. You see what I mean.. I hope.

The story itself was very fun, and yes I did like it. ^^ The second chapter started off a little slow with the explanation of um, the plot I guess, but it was necessary I suppose, and quickly picked up with your making fun of all the little inconsistencies of video games. I don't play video games, but the conversations between Senshi and Basketman reminded me of the conversations I have with my friend when she'd trying to explain to me how the game works. It was funny. Keep writing. :)

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