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for Warmth

5/7/2003 c1 Needa S
Beautiful! Excellent piece! Keep writing and thanks for your kind reviews.
5/6/2003 c1 68Princess Mulan
No matter how harsh reality is, there is always hope and love.

This is a really spiritual poem. I love it so much.

I really like your style, you make your readers feel wonderful inside
4/23/2003 c1 Traced In Green
I like this one!


4/23/2003 c1 13RedLady
I just decided to read some more of your stuff and maybe I'll even IM you sometime when I actually get time becuase you seem like an interesting person. ^_^

Let's see. I know what you mean about trying to help people that don't care nor want your help. In fact...

"Helping those that ask is easy. Helping those who don’t is hard. Helping those who want it is easy. Helping those who don’t want help is hard."

Yeah, I wrote that a long time ago. Still don't know exactly what I am trying to say. I love the last three lines:

"For life has no meaning

Unless there is love

And some of that love is for you."

So true, so true. ^_^
4/23/2003 c1 29City Of Hope
Seriously, this is such a great poem... I'm so familiar with that feeling. It's so difficult at times always giving and giving without getting something in return. Sometimes I even wonder if there is a felling called love, because it just seems to be hiding from me.

Hey, you know what... I should stop feeling sorry for myself. What if I died tomorrow? There would be so many things I would regret not doing. So I guess I should just do my best to be who I am.

Anyway, great poem, I loved it. And thank you for the very generous reviews on my poems.

Cheers, City Of Hope

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