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7/16/2003 c3 28soulspring
awesome job
7/16/2003 c2 soulspring
7/16/2003 c1 soulspring
beautiful image...
6/25/2003 c2 50Angelic Wings
I love wolves. Don't you? Here are some smileys to add to your collection, BTW:




and here is one of my own that I sorta made up:

(0) (0)

( ^ - ^ )

BUNNY! You can add it if you want, but I personally like it. *hugglez* WTH, USE IT!
6/24/2003 c1 35waterlilypad
This is cute, yet very fitting for a polar bear. You know they are fierce (mighty) but you can't help but be amused.
6/20/2003 c1 Baby Milo
6/3/2003 c11 64not sure yet
interesting, this one kinda threw me off, lmao, i like it though, defintely very different, made me look for a second meaning and i think i got it, but yea, nicely done
6/3/2003 c11 20Once in a blue moon
lol! love your a/n!

murder seems a bit TOO strong of a word though... maybe "their prey" or change to "Used for survival"
6/3/2003 c10 Once in a blue moon
much neater than crows *shivers*

all these are great.. sorry i didn't review every chapter!
6/3/2003 c2 Once in a blue moon
oh, i have a poem about wolves...

aren't they the coolest?
6/3/2003 c1 Once in a blue moon
I really like this haiku!

hey, and I've got three more smileys!

XP (aah, I'm dead!) ... #_# (yes, I stuck my face in the waffle maker)... :d (yum!)
5/30/2003 c11 128Zainab
Spiders are great. Cool haiku. Will you be updating?
5/30/2003 c10 Zainab
Indeed. I like the first line a lot
5/30/2003 c9 Zainab
You did a good job of making the fox seem like a gentleman
5/30/2003 c8 Zainab
Keep going snail!
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