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for Mors Araneus: Death of a Spider

8/15/2003 c6 2Jolly Green Giant
good stuff
8/15/2003 c5 Jolly Green Giant
this was good but still needs to be longer, but there is a good plot twist to it so keep it coming
8/15/2003 c4 Jolly Green Giant
This was pretty cool i still want the chapters to be longer and that would be good for me
8/6/2003 c3 64not sure yet
cute at the end there, if slightly foreboding, anywayz, like it, nicely done
8/6/2003 c2 not sure yet
interesting, i like it thus far, pretty good plot set up and i like the characters, muchly enjoyed, nicely done
8/6/2003 c1 not sure yet
a short but interesting beginning, muchly like it, awesome job
7/18/2003 c5 27Krashbandit333
Aww come on you can't just leave it like that! You have such a way with words it's amazing like the "getting knocked out by the punchline", bloody brilliant. GET TO WORK and write more I can't wait to read on! You should be extremely proud!
7/18/2003 c4 Krashbandit333
Things are starting to fall into place, i'm sad there is only one more chapter left. Keep writing and remember about more depth. Awesome though.
7/18/2003 c3 Krashbandit333
This one was definately a better chapter, suspensful, I really like it! The brothers are both cool.
7/18/2003 c2 Krashbandit333
The relationship is really good. Like I said before though you should try and add in a little more depth to your chapters. I'm not saying this to dis your story but to help you make it better. I LOVE the story line, I'm looking forward to reading all the chapters so for now keep posting them!
7/18/2003 c1 Krashbandit333
Hey, I think this story could be really interesting! I think you should try and develop you're first chapter a little more to give a little more background, but I'm totally excited to read on! Write back later! Good plot!
5/9/2003 c5 7Shinosenshi

I hate you.

Well, not really, i just hate the cliffhanger..wait, no, the cliffhanger was an excellant one, that's why it's so annoying!

Well, yet again from me, very well done.
5/5/2003 c5 8EBS
This chapter was good, but I need more! Must have more! Keep writing.

Yours, Irish Princess
5/2/2003 c4 1PsychoSmycho
This is very good! Write more ASAP! Um...yeah...that's all I got to say.
5/1/2003 c4 ben
this story is pretty good so far, i am surprised at your writting talent. i still say the

chapters should be longer but all in all it its very good keep it coming
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