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for The Simple Things in Life

12/31/2003 c9 34curiouzkatt
wai! i love all of them! =^-^=
10/12/2003 c1 34Wasted Postage
*blinks* I feel like I haven't heard from you in forever... thanks for the review..by the way. ;D

Anyway, this was a wonderful haiku that I enjoyed immensely. Excellent work. *hugs you* glad to hear from you again.

10/12/2003 c7 43Carter Tachikawa
You got a message in this one. I like how if flowed. Keep it up. Nice job.


P.S. I don't know if you added this smiley yet but it's the starry eyes *_*
10/12/2003 c6 Carter Tachikawa
A very lovely haiku. I think you got the syllables right in it though I keep counting eight instead of seven for the second line. Perhaps it's just me though so don't worry about it. The haiku was great. Keep it up ^_^

10/11/2003 c9 64not sure yet
interesting, and kool, cute too, muchly like this one as well, excellent job
10/11/2003 c8 not sure yet
o, yummy, eheheheheheheheh, this one actually kinda made me a lil hungry, muchly enjoyed, excellent job
10/11/2003 c7 not sure yet
very pretty and cute, really sums up the whole idea of this series, nicely done
10/10/2003 c3 127godawful teen-angst poetry
Soothing indeed...much like this poem. I *love* this anthology! I'll erview more later, I swear...for now it'll just go on the faves list.

10/10/2003 c2 godawful teen-angst poetry
eep! lovely, yet again.
10/10/2003 c1 godawful teen-angst poetry
Sometimes the simple things really are the best things. This has such a serene quality to it. Awesome.

10/10/2003 c1 lil Leaf
Mad sweeflage my dude. Thats some stuff.
10/10/2003 c2 161chairmanmeow
Wonderful... it's not raining where I am though. Great job with the haiku. It's so simple!
7/1/2003 c8 DragonsEclipse
I like them all. Good work. Keep writing! ^_^
6/3/2003 c7 128Zainab
You do a good job of explaining how to solve depression. Thank you! I take it these are cut haikus?
6/3/2003 c6 Zainab
Another good haiku!
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