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3/20/2004 c1 Danielle or something
Hmm...I think this one's my favorite :).
3/7/2004 c1 26Endless Nightmares
Well geez, just move away when you graduate.
I mean, if your feeling like this, just move away with another relative.
Nice job!
Whispers In Silence
9/29/2003 c1 AVIGON
I don't really know what to say. I like it (a lot), but I can't explain why. I guess this is just one of those things that are intuitive.
9/14/2003 c1 22JTierra1988
It's good ^_^ JMBunny
8/4/2003 c1 10maddenshottie1
very good poem
6/22/2003 c1 71Kormation
Interesting mix of rhyming and freeverse. I find this in a way 'mystical' and it really suits the poem. Nice use of the imagery 'desoalte land' and lines used in rhyming like 'confusion does the bell now ring And hate is what these thoughts will bring'. Reminds me a bit of Shakespeare:). Rhythmical, maybe even musical. Very enjoyable, and well written.
5/13/2003 c1 12Faerie Vamp
Wow... i don't know what else to say! I REALLY like this one. All your work is really great, keep up the good work, you have a real gift!
5/7/2003 c1 48Laineniel
Wow. Very moving. That's really awesome. I especially like the last two lines. That's the best! Hey, can I add you to my buddy list?
5/6/2003 c1 3Repair My Wings
very good.
5/1/2003 c1 No7h1ng
o nice rhymes... i like... it is hard to come up w/ rhymes... btw on my poem, i was trying to write with the black dialect. (i was reading the book Their Eyes Were Watching God and it inspired me I guess...) sorry it didn't come out right... *feels stupid* Anyway, I love how you do the beats in your poem... I can never get those right... :)P
4/26/2003 c1 Lazerponies
That’s amazing. It’s great how you were able to keep the rhyme scheme and the tempo even the whole time. It’s a very strong poem, good writing, keep doing it.
4/24/2003 c1 3LonetravelerintheDark
this was amazing. i really loved it. sounds corny but i did ^.^ please keep on writing, i can tell you have a talent. if you ever get the urge to see some stuff that i've written go ahead ( i've got more stuff on my other pen name Angellostinthedarkness) truly keep on writing and the gift it brings will never leave.

~Caving in is not what i do best..Kanya~

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