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7/15/2003 c1 bridgette261
sorry to say i can't read anymore of your story tonight, but i like it a lot. i don't think i've ever liked a story based on someone who's 30 something. well, i hope i like the reast of the story...wish me luck! lolz.

6/6/2003 c23 5Nonki
Ah...coming to this chapter means, NO MORE STORIES TO READ until next year? *BOHO~~

the ending of this story is like...errh..."gosh..its the end?" to put in simple words... "NOT ENOUGH"...

i hope when you've the time after all your hard work, you can do a continuation of the story...how Jul and Luke maintain their marriage having a child in such an awakward situation? I bet you can even include my favourite couple, Sam & kevin in the story..hehehe...

last but not least, can u write a megan story in the future as well? (prays hard to receive a 'yes'...*puppy eye*)...

GOOD STORY and really a story worth pondering about...

take care
6/6/2003 c22 Nonki
Personally, I don't think Jul is making a good decision here...
6/6/2003 c18 Nonki
GOsh! What is Jul trying to do? Don't tell me she's doing the same thing as Sam had done? Hm...
6/5/2003 c17 Nonki
6/5/2003 c16 Nonki
" I spent all day in my coffee shop in mourning for getting my period..."

This is a good one! hahhaa...

This story is good, i don't really know how to explain, but its like, when i read about Sam, my emotion would go ups and down with her...and now Jul...heheh...

So, luke is not ready to be a father eh? what's the reason behind? guess i need to read on in order to find out!

Great job! ^_^
6/5/2003 c15 Nonki
WOW! GOOD MOVE BY JUL! good chapter!

6/1/2003 c23 7redhead423
really good! but it ended to quickly...
5/31/2003 c20 redhead423
5/28/2003 c22 Bibliomania
So Jul is happy at last? Nice!
5/27/2003 c14 5Nonki
what? luke is not ready to be a father yet...hm...i could smell a start of fire in this relationship...got to read on...
5/27/2003 c13 Nonki
wow! luke proposed? great! ^_^
5/27/2003 c12 Nonki
jul opens a coffee shop? interesting! hope luke is back in the next chapter...
5/27/2003 c11 Nonki
Gosh! I was gone for...hm...long how...and back to find another 13 chapters? hahaha...great to see that you've finished this story...and urghh...i am still reading your chapter 11...

Good job! Gotta try to read as many chapter as I can right now! ^_^
5/27/2003 c4 7redhead423
really good! i'm interested in reading more!
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