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3/4/2001 c1 ChibiZelphie
That was great, Loved it.-CZ
12/3/2000 c1 27LLS
That was awesome, Liz. Great work! Uh, PS: Did you change your email address?
12/3/2000 c1 Lauren

You know who this is. Oh my God. You never told me you could write like this! If your teacher gave you anything less than 100, they deserve to be shot! The story was cool & kinda sad. My, what big words we know! If you don't become a professional writer when you grow up I'll never draw any Digimon pics for your website again! METALLICA RULES!
12/2/2000 c1 2Firenzie
Wow, that was really good. I liked it a lot. And don't say you suck at poetry, because that was so good that I thought it was like a real poem. (I mean, I know it's a real poem, but I mean like - oh, forget it. But it was really well written.) You could have fooled me into thinking this was from a real girl's journal. That would be cool if you made this into a book. And if your Social Studies teacher doesn't give you an A on this, they're crazy! Great job!

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