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1/19/2006 c1 Jordan Miller
um its pretty freakin good wow lol im looking for a poem for school that has metophors. i think its about some girl being raped or something but i dont know.
6/4/2004 c1 22MagenDavid
It was probably at the instint when Eve gives into temptation and bit the apple and then regretted it, realizing that she sinned.
Just a guess. I like cookies! :-)
7/10/2003 c1 Anarri
Well, the first thing that would cross your mind is rape, but it's not. You listed it as religious, you mentioned a serpent and Adam. That would conclude to mean the female speaking was Eve. The only Adam and Eve and serpent are from the Holy Bible. Originally Adam and Eve were naked when they lived in Eden before they ate of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is when Eve first ate the fruit. The force entering her body. But it was temptation, then temptation turned into sin, and the serpent never cared, it WAS pleased that it had succeeded. BUT God NEVER deserted them.
7/3/2003 c1 Mermaid of the Sea
Is it about Eve being tempted by the snake(a symbol of the goddess/knolege, if you didn't know) and being thrown out of eden? (Eve was framed...!)
5/16/2003 c1 51Lieschen
my first guess would be rape, but it could be something else...Very meaningful.

5/14/2003 c1 29Fuinixe
Let me see...a person being sent to hell? Lol, no. Well, I must say that my first instinct was towards what the other three have said...but that's too obvious. Is it? Hmm...
4/27/2003 c1 31Grevola
Interesting, the short one or two word lines give each one power, like a sucession of punches. My guess for meaning? Rape.
4/27/2003 c1 49Chocolate Chicken
Yeah.. I'm going to say she was raped. Am I right? And she feels like it was her fault..?

Anyways, you write very well.
4/26/2003 c1 7Camryndale
I thought it was a women being raped. Is this true? If not I'm sorry for the distaste. Or maybe it's a story about losing virginity when that person is not ready to.

By the way you write well.

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