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3/24/2008 c1 1buddhabread
I loved watership down, and even though i wasn't looking for an essay on it, I actually enjoyed reading yours :)
1/1/2004 c1 5Pipkin3
Hello there! This a great little piece, and it doesn't come across as 'advertising' in any major way (like some). I hope you do update it soon more facts!
12/12/2003 c1 ADE123
Mortality rate for rabbits in most places is something like 99%, but it appears England is different. I liked this little documentary very much, and hopefully you'll keep on writing
7/3/2003 c1 8Moril
Surprisingly, I haven't read Watership Down yet. But you just turned me on to it. I will go procure a copy as soon as I possibly can.
6/27/2003 c1 191mmoonsshiner
*huggs Headwig toy*.^^ i love watership down myfriend turned me onto that book years ago and i finally found the movie version last year . its the greatest . *applaudes*

6/24/2003 c1 17Serri
I enjoyed Watership Down as well. My father reccommended it to me quite a while ago-but I didn't see why anyone should like a lengthy tale about a bunch of bunnies. But it was wonderful.
6/17/2003 c1 58Alyx Bradford
Gracious! How had I missed this up till now?

Well, you're absolutely right on all accounts. It's not a kiddie story - my seventh grade lit teacher showed the movie to our class, and some of the kids snickered, thinking they were going to see a lot of fluff. They were quite astonished.

::waves a little flag in honor of Hyzenthlay::

As always, an extremely well-written and informative essay. Another splendid job. :)
5/15/2003 c1 187Andaren
I love Watership Down! I think the rabbits names, language and seperate personalities are amazing!
5/13/2003 c1 10James Jago
I agree with the bits I understand; I'm just a poor ignorant student. I reckon Bigwig isn't translated into English because telling the General to 'Go eat s*' in a children's book would not be well recieved. Please don't speak of the TV series; they butchered the plot, and even made Blackberry a doe for Frith's sake! The film was much more faithful to the plot, and scared the hraka out of me when I first saw it.

Did anyone who hasn't read the book understand what I'm talking about? It's OK, neither do I!
5/8/2003 c1 RainShadow2005
I figured I'd read the couple things I haven't read as of yet before I continue with your ongoing novel.

Very interesting. I've never read this book, but you've convinced me to run down to the public library and check it out. I actually can't help thinking now that I may have seen a cartoon that borrowed from this idea a number of years ago. I'm not sure. Anyway, now I need to go check out the book to see what you are talking about in this essay. You have such a passion for it and the fact that you're a fur that I'm now even more intriqued than before.
5/2/2003 c1 Cherub of the Gutter
OOps! ^^; I guess you have. Very nice, thorough review
4/30/2003 c1 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
I totally agree with you on this essay. Everyone who loves fantasy (and even if they don't) should read Watership Down. If not they should be cursed by the Black Rabbit of Inle. Anyways very persusive essay you got here, and you definatly got this book down to a fault. And i agree that Pipkin isn't the same rabbit as he was. He used to be a shy afraid rabbit, but now he's quite brave for a little guy! Only one error:

Visionary young buck Fiver foresees the destruction of his home warren in Sandleford, and attempts to warn the Chief Rabbit.

You should put A visionary young buck, named Fiver.

P.s Thanks for the review

4/30/2003 c1 17VladimirsAngel
Hear Hear! More power to Mr Adam's books, especially this one.

And I have to agree with Werecat99. Felidae is a classic.
4/27/2003 c1 210Kelpylion
THANK YOU for writing this essay. You make the case for this book very well. Dismissing it as a children's book is liek doing the same to The Hobbit. However, there is an excuse for not reading this book; illitteracy. Most of my classmates would have extreme difficulty getting through that book. I don't knwo why that occured to me, it just did...Very nice essay.
4/27/2003 c1 benvon
I found this book as compelling as you evidently did. I also congratulate you on the fact that you, like myself, have an empathy with the plight of the rabbits. I have never seen the film, but I don't believe it an compare with the quality of the book. Kudos to you.
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