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10/13/2003 c1 5Manic Typist
Excellent. I really enjoyed the descriptive detail put into the whole thing, especially the scenery. I really had the feeling I was in some form of peaceful swamp. This is some gizzle shizzle Modizzle.


Wark the Warkyness!

Es muy excelente, bella.
10/4/2003 c1 9Ravensblood
Wow. That was really good. You can thank Red Masque for directing me to your story; anyway, now that I've read all of Red Masque's stuff and sent an irritating number of reviews, maybe you will be my next "victim"! Prepare for an endless stream of rantings...
8/4/2003 c1 4ColorCrayons
cree-eepy! the detail and work put into this was amazing, your style was great. kudos

~color outside the lines~
7/14/2003 c1 14Thanks For Nothing
Eh... *shivers* Good but creepy... too creepy... *eye flinches* Eh. This is just too weird. O.o
5/26/2003 c1 7suzibean
oh! This is creepy! Good story though!
5/8/2003 c1 i think you know
that damn pup fido wouldn't let me review! "You have already reviewed this chapter..."

anyway, let me say that this is awesome! AWESOME, friggin AWESOME! got the point? A bit creepy... wat am i saying, a bit? There were some mondo creepy scenes in this story. hm... the swamp goddess reminded me of the sirens. Wel... not too much... but some.

hehe... viscious pants... had to reread the sentence to get that... i thought it was viscous pants... well, that's what i get... too large a vocab, now i can't even read. That's pretty bad.

This was wonderful beyond all reason. To quote the little devils here at home, "How do you write so good!" It paints a vivid picture in my mind... why can you draw with paints, pens, pencils, AND WORDS? ::sobs:: it's not fair! well, okay, it is. and i can always see your art whenever you create it... i hope. it's not on loan to the louvre yet, is it? please say no- i'll have missed a lot of it.

To conclude...




oh yeah, go mo, go mo, uh-huh!

Okay, gonna stop taking up so much space on your review board. bye! Great story!
5/1/2003 c1 cory atton
this is fantastic! your description of the woman is superb- i can really see her in my mind! Write more soon!
4/29/2003 c1 81Red Masque
This is the most amazing thing i've ever read. Hm... What was i going to say? Oh yeah, the woman was the best physically described character i have ever read about. i want more! is there gonna be more! I NEED MORE! GIVE... wait, that's selfish. Um... How about...

OH MY GOD IF I DONT HAVE ANYMORE IM GONNA DIE OH MY GOD... that's too intense... but it gets the point across. read u later

4/27/2003 c1 9Modussa
This is only how far I've gotten, not the end of the chapter...an I think that that last sentence...isn't sposed to be there. ^.^ whatever...we make do. Keep eyes peeled for Stronger updates...

+yours truly+

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