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for Uncompromising Love

10/27/2003 c1 132Sarah Parker
Amen to that... another gorgeous job. You have an incredible talent for writing very moving poetry... I shall have to browse through more of your poems soon. Get yourself published - it's wonderful!
5/6/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
Intense! The last line got your point across perfectly.

~Heart of the Sword
5/3/2003 c1 8Free Adrenaline
I loved your poem. I agree with the previous reviewer. It was really sad in the beginning and it made me want to know how to help you. But later, it got much more cheery. The part about clinging to God was cool. You tied the end and beginning together nicely. There is almost a question and answer, maybe you want to change it up a little. ^_^ I can't wait to read more of your pieces, I enjoyed this.
4/28/2003 c1 Wind of Gaea

'Tis MOI! Anyways, GREAT poem... I'm sorry if I'm one of the people that you described in the poem. :( But don't worry... the Lord will always be with you! No matter what! Pshche... forget your friends! JKJK. And I will always pray for you, my friend. Well, see ya around!

Au revoir!
4/28/2003 c1 14Zechariah
very touching. it was sad in the beginning, but by the name you mentioned the Lord's name, it brightened the whole mood to the end. great poem!

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