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9/5/2011 c6 2Sakurachibi08
I absolutely love Parley and Bren's relationship, and your writing is very well done, the relationship aspect doesn't seemed forced when actually focused on, there are few typos, and i sincerely hope you continue this little gem.
4/20/2010 c6 4 Leaf Clover
This story is absolutely amazing. I love the relationship between Bren and Parley :D I can say for sure that this is one of the best fics I've ever read. Pretty please? continue this story onegaishimasu.. then my life would be complete.
1/31/2010 c1 cuddlesXD
It seems like every good story hasn't been updated in awhile! I hope you decide to continue even though it doesn't seem likely after all these years.
6/13/2009 c6 Doctor Bee
I love how its realistic, some parts have me in giggle fits and others have me ooh-ing and aww-ing.The characters have such personalitys and make me care for them, its all over a good read.
1/6/2009 c6 4Amindaya
Ah, this story is so GOOD. It makes me sad that it hasn't been updated since 03. With a gap that big, there's not much hope for an update-but I'll put it on alert in case.
3/22/2008 c6 i-see-faeries
I love how realistic this is. Great job.
12/16/2007 c6 13pepsi-fiend007
Grand story.

I really hope you feel inclined to continue it.
10/4/2007 c6 15Zebbie
Oh God - why would you stop writing this? Have you seriously not updated it since 2003 or is fictionpress just being weird? I'm deeply frustrated that there is no more to read. Damn you in the best-meaning way.

8/14/2007 c6 blackrose214
This story is awesome. The idea alone is very original, but the way you pull it of, the style, is brilliant as well. Yep, this is definitel going to my favs. *nods* Update soon! :D
7/13/2006 c6 WitchGhost
When will you return to update I like this story and where it's going.
1/7/2006 c6 1spookytonberry
I love everything I've read so far ^_^ It really hooked me. You've set up the characters of Bren and Parley so well, I'm really attached to them now ^^' Nice work, awesome writing
5/24/2005 c6 CloudySky
I like it. Especially the touch of mystery you've managed to add... Not entirely saying everything that's going on, while saying everything important that's going on. The characters have become pretty real (besides Freak, who's still a mystery). I hope you manage to continue it someday.
2/15/2005 c6 16IceraMyst
Oh this story is awesome. The characterization is perfect, as is the originality. I always like trying to give some kind of constructive critism but the only think I can think of is 'why oh why haven't you finished this yet?' Keep up the good work :)
1/25/2005 c6 47strawberry-toast
~poke~ write more. heh, i like this story. you should keep working on it. although i'm one to talk, i haven't updated in a while, although for me that's two weeks, but still... i like this stroy, it's all complex and deep, and i wanna know what happens next.
1/23/2005 c6 City Lights Burn Like Stars
i like it i love it i want some more of it! ^^ UPDATE SOON!
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