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for Cutting Lines

11/29/2004 c1 12Blood-Red Amber
11/5/2003 c1 49fatalxparadisex
wow... great poem! i love the way that you decribed the cutting and stuff... it reminds me of some of my poems... please read and review some of my stuff if you get the chance... thanks:)
7/29/2003 c1 1g-babey
Nicely done. I like how you're able to lure the reader in. Pretty cool.

7/9/2003 c1 5thefireburnswithin
WOW! is all I have to say.

Freaky, yet grabs you and makes you want more.
6/25/2003 c1 kc
this is really well written. in your recent work, it's only a line or two though. My advice is to combine some of those
6/15/2003 c1 128Zainab
Creepy! EErie! The way I like it!
5/29/2003 c1 39Janne Doe
Interesting... I've gotta few like this myself.

5/5/2003 c1 14XxEmotionlessxX
Whoa. Well done. This is very dark...I like it a lot lol. Good work.

5/1/2003 c1 68Princess Mulan
A suicide haiku from the suicide phantom. ^_^

how cool is that

great piece, love the imagry

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