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for Why did you have to die?

10/7/2003 c1 53Punky Monkey
now theres a cheerful song! ;)
8/13/2003 c1 Meredith aka Indigo Child on ff.net

Again... I can relate! Back in 1997 I lost one of my best friends due to suicide. It was mortifying for me... and I really thought that it was going to be my worst semester in college! I was so depressed... then suddenly, I had this dream of him and he told me that in death he'd be my strength. At first I didn't get it... but that year proved to be an interesting year for me. It was my best year in college academically-speaking and I gained the confidence and courage to end a bad relationship...

Here I am again... rambling on about crazy details! So sorry! Anyway, wonderfully written... Keep up the great work!

Take care,

6/4/2003 c1 Desirae
Hey whats up great peom there it reall reminded me of myself there ! Well keep up the good work. Peace out! :]
5/27/2003 c1 157Just Another Face
Wow, that was so sad, i love the chorus


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